Facebook to hold special event on April 4, will it be the Facebook Phone?

Facebook LogoJust before the weekend, Facebook sent out invitations to a special event to be held at its California headquarters, and while it’s not exactly clear what the social network will be demonstrating, the tagline, “Come See Our New Home on Android,” does at least give us a clue.

So, it’s certainly going to be mobile focused, and directly related to Google’s Android operating system. What could it be? Well, there’s a chance we could see years worth of speculation come to an end, as it may be the Facebook Phone. Such a device has been denied by CEO Marl Zuckerberg on several occasions, but that hasn’t stopped us hearing about phones from HTC codenamed Buffy, Opera and Myst.

Before we all get too excited about the prospect of a phone with an OS deeply integrated with Facebook, there’s also the chance the social network has something completely different to show us. According to several sources, as reported here, Facebook has come up with a replacement launcher for Android phones, where your existing home screen is hidden under one designed to bring Facebook and its services to the forefront. While it may debut on the HTC phone, it may also be available as a standalone app through the Google Play store.

Exactly what Facebook has ready for us is a mystery, but we do know all will become clear on April 4, when we’ll bring you all the news from the Facebook event. Will it be a Facebook Phone, a launcher-style app, or something else entirely?

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