EE prices up its 4G SIM-only deals

EE LogoThe UK’s first 4G LTE network, EE, has announced its SIM-only plans after delaying them for several weeks after launch, when only regular contract deals were made available. Many have complained about EE’s expensive 4G tariffs, and may have been hanging on to see how the deal is without a phone included.

There are four options, which are as follows:

£21 per month, 500MB of data.

£26 per month, 1GB of data.

£31 per month, 3GB of data.

£36 per month, 5GB of data.

All the plans come with unlimited calls and texts, plus handy options and features such as tethering, the EE Film offer and in the near future, free Wi-Fi using BT Hotspots. For an extra £5 per month, roaming is added to your unlimited calls and texts too.

Perhaps the best thing about the SIM-only plans is that the contract is only for 12-months, and not 24 like the regular contracts. Remember, this time next year, 4G LTE will be offered by all the other major networks, and new deals will be plentiful.

The drawback is, you have to supply the phone, and as EE is a 4G network, not every phone is compatible. In fact, unless you buy the device directly from EE, it’s really only iPhone 5 owners who will be looking at migrating from another network, and even then it’s only certain iPhone 5 models that are compatible.

EE is keeping quiet about the prices of its contract-free phones, but don’t expect much change out of £400 if you want a Galaxy S3, Note or One XL. The SIM-only plans are available right now directly from EE’s website.

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