EE adjusts its 4G tariffs for the better, but only slightly

EE 4GIf you want 4G connectivity in the UK, you’ve got only one choice at the moment, and that’s to sign-up with EE. This is better than before, when there wasn’t even the option of anything faster than 3G, but anyone interested not only has to live in the right area, but also be prepared to pay EE’s high prices.

Complaints concerning EE’s tariffs have obviously been heard by the company, as today it has announced an alteration to its cheapest tariff, plus the introduction of a super-user option. But will these new attempts to woo customers work?

EE will add a new basic option on January 31, which costs £31 per month and comes with unlimited calls and texts, plus 500MB of data. EE watchers will recognize this as the same basic package as before, just £5 cheaper. While it’s not giving anything extra, any reduction in price is welcome. Just beware you’ll have to pay a bit more for the phone.

Next we have the new package for an EE super-user. For £46 per month, EE will give you a SIM card with 20GB of data to use every month, but you’ll need to supply your own phone. If you’d prefer to get a phone through EE, then the monthly price rises to a terrifying £61. These prices are limited-time offers too, and after March 1, they’ll change to £61 and £76 respectively. Ouch.

You’ll have to wait until the end of the month before seeing these deals live on EE’s website, but don’t be tempted to rush into anything, as not only will the other major networks soon be introducing their own 4G options, but MVNOs such as LIFE Mobile could start doing the same soon too.

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