EE adds double-speed 4G to 12 UK cities, introduces Cash on Tap wireless payment service

EE LogoIt’s all network news this week, following news of Sainsbury’s mobile service on Monday, and Three UK’s announcement of its super-cheap PAYG 321 tariff yesterday. Today belongs to EE, as it has activated double-speed 4G in 12 cities across the UK, and given its 4G customers in the area free access. If you thought 4G was fast, then you can expect speeds up to 30Mbps with a double-speed connection.

EE will tell you the network has a theoretical top speed of 150Mbps, bringing it in line with the world’s first LTE-Advanced network in South Korea, but don’t expect these speeds anywhere outside a lab. That said, the real-world speeds aren’t too shabby, and it’s good to see EE giving its already high-paying customers something for nothing too.

Double-speed 4G from EE will go live on July 4 in London, Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Derby, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds, Nottingham and Sheffield.

As well as the new data speeds, EE has launched Cash on Tap, an NFC-based wireless payment system accessed through a 4G phone and a special app. Payments in 230,000 stores across the UK, including Greggs and Boots, can now be made using your phone, and EE will give £10 of credit to eligible customers when they sign up.

Lastly, EE will be introducing shared 4G plans on July 17, where up to five different devices can be linked to a single 4G plan through EE. According to EE’s figures, a family of four could save £40 per month if they share a 20GB monthly plan instead of all being on individual plans.

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