EE adds 30-day SIM-only 4G plan to encourage customers to sign-up, but it’s still expensive

EE 4GEE is continuing to make the most of its 4G LTE exclusivity here in the UK, as it has added another option to entice people into signing up for its high-speed data service. We’ve already seen the network expanding its 4G coverage on a regular basis, and it has even installed repeaters inside a selection of London taxis. Now, it has provided the option of selecting a 30-day, SIM-only plan, for those who don’t want an ongoing contract.

There are six options to choose from, however the prices are more expensive than the 12-month SIM-only plan; an unfortunate decision, even if it is only by a few pounds. The cheapest plan is £23 for 30-days, which comes with 500MB of data, and to get 1GB you’ll need to spend £28, or 3GB costs £33, all the way up to a massive £63 for 20GB. As always, each plan comes with unlimited calls and texts.

It’s a rolling contract, so if you don’t cancel after 30-days, then you’ll continue to be charged until you do. The good news is EE has included many of the bonuses which come with its normal contract plans, such as EE Film for 2-for-1 cinema tickets, access to Wi-Fi on the London Underground, and tethering for VoIP use.

Of course, you’ll need a compatible smartphone to enjoy 4G LTE speeds, such as an iPhone 5 (but not each one is 4G ready, so you’ll need to check with EE), a Sony Xperia Z, the Samsung Galaxy S4, and both the BlackBerry Z10 and Q10.

If you’d like more details or to sign-up with EE’s 30-day plan, you can visit the site here.

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