Don’t be fooled, EE’s data cap increases don’t apply to phones

EE LogoA quick glance at some of today’s headlines may have caused potential EE 4G LTE customers’ hearts to skip a beat, as the network has announced an increase in its data caps. This means that for the same price, subscribers will get more data with which to play with each month.

This can only be a good thing, as EE has come under fire for its high pricing, despite its 4G signal only being available in certain cities around the UK. However, before you go rushing out to buy a 4G phone with EE, you should know the data cap increases only apply to its mobile broadband plans.

In addition to offering phone contracts and SIM-only deals, EE will sell you a mobile Internet router or dongle, which can then be used to provide 4G connectivity either for a laptop or for devices equipped with Wi-Fi. It’s these that benefit from more data each month.

For example, for £16 per month you used to get 2GB of data, but now you get 3GB. It continues like this:

£21 = 5GB (was 3GB)

£26 = 8GB (was 5GB).

This applies to packages with either the Huawei E392 dongle or the Huawei E589 router, but you’ll have to add £30 or £50 respectively for the devices themselves on the 3GB and 5GB packages. They’re only free when you select the top £26 tariff, and the prices are all based on 18-month contracts.

So, good news if you’re after a mobile broadband package, but not so good if you thought the mobile plans had been altered. You never know, perhaps EE will make a few changes there in the future too.

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  • David Morgan

    I’ve been billed by Orange for 3 months – each time exceeding my mobile data cap – and have been charged £300 EXTRA each time!

  • Tim

    I think you’ll find you are utterly wrong.

    I just “reverse migrated” out from EE back I my tmob “full monty” as I hit the limit and got a means for payment less than 2weeks through my billing month. On iphone5… So what you say above is completely wrong. For shame!