Apple reports three million iPads were sold over the weekend

iPad Mini BlackThis weekend saw the launch of the Apple iPad Mini and the fourth generation full-size iPad and today, Apple has announced it sold a total of three million new tablets during those three days. The previous Apple launch, for the iPhone 5, saw five million devices snapped up from stores.

According to Apple’s press release, this is their most successful iPad launch yet, beating the third generation iPad’s total of 1.5 million Wi-Fi only models. It’s difficult to assess the Mini’s success without Apple breaking down the numbers, as all we know is three million iPads were sold, not how many of each model. While a bias towards the iPad Mini seems likely, Apple’s reluctance to share those figures is a little suspicious.

The iPad Mini has now almost sold out in stores, after doing the same online several days before the official launch.

This comes after reports of a lacklustre turnout for the new Apple tablet, with shorter queues outside stores, and only the hardcore Apple fans deciding to get there really early. While the “sold out” signs certainly give the impression of an immensely popular product, there are concerns that short supply may have had a hand in the iPad Mini not being able to keep up with demand.

Regardless, the lack of stock — whatever the reason for it — means anyone wanting an iPad Mini is going to have a hard job finding one in the shops at the moment, and is faced with a two week wait before one will ship from the online Apple Store.

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