Apple issues important security update for iOS 7

iPhone 5S GoldRarely are small, point updates for a mobile operating systems very interesting, and if you’re looking for a list of new features included in the new iOS 7.0.2 update, you’re going to be disappointed. However, don’t let that put you off downloading it, as it’s very important for one particular reason.

Shortly after its release, a bug was discovered in iOS 7, which provided you knew the right sequence of button taps and presses, would bypass the lock screen and provide access to some emails, photos and social networking accounts. From there, the location services could be switched off, making Find My iPhone useless in the event of your phone being stolen.

So, a situation everyone will want to avoid, and thankfully, the security loophole has been sewn up in iOS 7.0.2. It’s a small download, and performing the update over-the-air takes just a few minutes. The update will also be available through iTunes, but if you do update this way, don’t forget it’ll take much longer to apply, as it downloads and installs the OS from scratch. Also, if you’re wondering what happened to iOS 7.0.1, then you’d only have seen it if you own an iPhone 5C or iPhone 5S.

To check for iOS 7.0.2 on your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad, tap Settings, then General, and finally select Software Update. If it’s ready to go, it’ll show up as being available to install.

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