Samsung Galaxy S4 spotted online, but is it the real thing?

Galaxy S4 LeakLater this week, Samsung will reveal the Galaxy S4 smartphone, but in the meantime a series of pictures have been posted on a Samsung fan forum, giving us a look at the new phone’s design. Or do they?

The phone looks like a cross between the Galaxy S3 and the Galaxy Note 2, sharing design cues with both – the rounded chassis and the relocated speaker grille on the rear for example – plus in the side shot, it’s a little thicker than we’d expect it to be.

However, rather than this making the pictures fake or just plain wrong, we could be seeing the Galaxy S4 hidden inside a test casing, made to throw would-be leakers off the trail. Samsung did something similar with the Galaxy S3, and its final design wasn’t revealed until the big day.

At the same time as posing for pictures, the phone was subjected to an AnTuTu benchmarking test, which established a few key technical features of the phone. It’s shown the device has a quad-core processor (don’t worry, this could still be Samsung’s eight-core chip, as it only uses four-cores for most tasks), 2GB of RAM and a screen with a 1080p resolution. The phone uses Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean as its operating system, and is pictured here in dual-SIM configuration, which will most likely be released only in China.

We won’t know for sure how accurate the specification or design elements of this leaked phone will be until March 14, when Samsung will officially announce the Galaxy S4 in Times Square, New York City.

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