New rumour says Google Nexus 5 smartphone is coming this month

Nexus LogoGoogle’s successor to the Nexus 4, tentatively known as the Nexus 5, is one of the year’s most anticipated smartphone announcements. The Nexus 4 was a roaring success, thanks to a great spec sheet and super cheap price tag, and we’re hoping to get more of the same from the new model.

The phone has yet to be officially confirmed, but there are various rumours spreading about its spec sheet, and potential release date. The latest comes from, where an anonymous source with connections inside Google has said the phone will go on sale before the end of October. Although the precise date isn’t mentioned, it’s said to be during the final week of the month.

What’s more, the source says the phone will match Apple’s new iPhone 5S in terms of performance, but doesn’t elaborate on whether Google and suspected manufacturer of the Nexus 5, LG, will be adopting a 64-but processor. This is one of the headline features of the iPhone 5S, and the first time we’ve seen a 64-bit chip inside a phone, but at the moment, Android doesn’t support 64-bit architecture. This could change with the introduction of Android 4.4 KitKat, which the Nexus 5 is almost certain to run.

It’ll be exciting if it does, particularly as the price could be around half that of the iPhone 5S, or about £275. Techradar says the end of October date refers to the phone’s shipping time in the UK, so a launch event could be held within the next two weeks. We can’t wait.

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