EE reveals 4G LTE contract prices

EE LogoAs the launch of EE’s 4G LTE network in the UK draws closer, we’ve been given our first look at how much it’ll cost for early adopters to enjoy the faster data speeds the network will offer. This is the important part, as if it’s all too expensive, adoption may not be as high as EE hopes. See what you think:

All the following prices are for a 24-month contract, although adding another £10 to the price of each will make them 12-months, and all include unlimited calls and texts.

  • £36 per month/500MB of data.
  • £41 per month/1GB of data.
  • £46 per month/3GB of data.
  • £51 per month/5GB of data.
  • £56 per month/8GB of data.

If you pay more than £41 per month, a subscription to live TV or a gaming or music package will be included for free. Live TV provides access to 19 channels on the move, while the gaming pack gives two free downloads per month, and finally, the music pack gives free streaming and downloads from Deezer. SIM-only deals are also available, and start at £21 for the basic 500MB plan.

Of course, you’ll need to add the cost of a new phone to your monthly contract too. The iPhone 5 tops the list, with the 16GB model costing £179 on the 500MB tariff, while the cheapest is the Huawei Ascend P1 LTE, which is free on all tariffs except the 500MB plan, when it’s £19.99. The Galaxy Note 2 4G ranges from £179 to £29 for the 500MB and 8GB plans respectively, while the HTC One XL and Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE both cost £149 with 500MB per month or £29 with 8GB per month.

The whole point of a 4G network is fast data speeds, and the quicker it’s delivered (and sent) the more you’ll get done. This also means you’ll probably use more data, so the 500MB plan may not last very long. If you pick 1GB of data as the minimum over two years, along with a 16GB iPhone 5, the whole deal will end up costing £1093.99.

As a comparison, a 3G, 16GB iPhone 5 with Orange on the iPhone 36 Extra tariff, which has 1GB of data and unlimited calls and texts, will cost £973.99, making the 4G option £120 more expensive over two years, or £5 extra per month.

Will you be joining EE’s 4G network, or will you wait for the other networks to offer their plans next year before deciding?


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