#TheNewGalaxyS8 – Latest Samsung S8 Rumours

Samsung Galaxy S8 release date, rumours and specs.

Having shipped 13.3 million units of the popular Galaxy S7 in the first six months of 2016, Samsung will be hoping its next smartphone – the eagerly anticipated S8 – will cause an equal, if not bigger, stir.

However, with rival companies and start-up tech firms popping up left, right and centre, Samsung will have to really pull out the stops if it’s going to win over an ever-sceptical smartphone market.

Can Samsung do it? If these rumours are anything to go by, we think so!

To dual, or not to dual?

Staying true to form, it is believed the standard Samsung Galaxy S8 will stick with a single 12MP f1.7 camera, while the bigger S8 plus will come with a second front facing 8MP f.17 camera in addition to this.

Facial recognition and iris scanning tech has been rumoured on social sites such as Twitter, while certain accounts have claimed the rear camera’s ‘bump’ will be significantly reduced in size.

The looksEnvirofone Blog - S8 rumours department

Retaining the metal/glass combination that featured on the S7, the Galaxy S8 is rumoured to also feature a larger screen that dominates the front of the handset. Not only will this improve the phone’s aesthetics, it could also mean the phone’s rumoured fingerprint scanner could form part of the display.

 There’s likely to be an extra button on the side too – designed especially for accessing Samsung’s own version of Siri, aka Bixby AI.

Will the S8 catch fire?

Just because Samsung faced issues with the Note 7 catching fire doesn’t mean to say the same will happen with the Galaxy S8. In fact, Samsung has been rumoured to be in talks with LG about supplying the S8’s batteries – a system that, if certain blogs are to be believed, will incorporate wireless charging, similar to Google’s Pixel.

So when does the Samsung Galaxy S8 launch?

At the moment there are lots of conflicting reports ranging from March 29 to April 28. All we’ll say is that, for now, it’s looking likely that it’ll be released at some point in April – probably towards the back end of the month.

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