Envirofone supports the NHS #MissingType Campaign

You might have noticed something a little strange about our shop lately. It seems that something is missing, and we’ve decided to join the worldwide hunt for all of the disappearing A’s, B’s and O’s. Not too sure what we’re on about?

NHS #MissingType


Well, here at Envirofone, we’re joining many others in supporting the NHS Blood and Transplant Missing Type campaign.

You might be wondering what the Missing Type campaign is about, and even more so, why is it important to us? Worryingly, over the past 10 years, there’s been a significant drop in new blood donors. Fewer people are registering, and supplies of blood are getting lower- particularly blood types A, AB, B and O. A negative and O negative are required more than any other type according to the NHS, and the launch of the Missing Type campaign hopes to raise awareness and encourage more donors to come forward and save lives.

To really portray the urgency of the NHS’s plea, the Missing Type campaign has reached out to brands, celebrities and across social media to help get the message across to the world loud and clear. The aim? To make the letters A, B and O vanish from everyday life to visualise the issue and show what is really missing. We’re not Envirofone without our O’s, after all.

People need donated blood to be saved, and we’re hoping the campaign can really have an impact – not just in England, but all around the world. The campaign generated over 30,000 signups last year in its first week alone, approximately saving 100,000 lives.

To show your support, you can register to become a blood donor online with the NHS and join in with spreading the word across the globe by using #MissingType across social media!

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