Windows 8, Microsoft Surface and Apple’s iPad Mini all go on sale

iPad MiniOctober 26 2012 has been quite a big, and potentially expensive, day for technology fans all over the world, as not only has Microsoft’s newest computer operating system — Windows 8 — gone on sale, but the company has also released its first own-brand tablet, the Surface.

As if that wasn’t enough, arch-rival Apple’s small tablet, the iPad Mini, has been made available as a pre-order, and predictably gone on to sell quite well.

Windows 8 is available as a downloadable update to Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP SP3 computers, for just £24.99. This price will continue to January 31 2013, at which time it will be increased to an as yet undisclosed sum. If you’d prefer a physical copy, the price goes up dramatically, as directly from Microsoft it costs £49.99.

Of course, the other way to get Windows 8 is to buy a new computer, of which Microsoft claimed there were 1000 different models certified for the new operating system, meaning you should have plenty of choice.

As for the Microsoft Surface tablet, if you didn’t pre-order one, you’re going to have to work hard to find one, as the basic 32GB model sold out on Microsoft’s online store prior to today’s launch. Surface prices vary depending on the accessories you choose, with a simple tablet costing £399, or £479 if you choose the Touch Cover with built-in keyboard.

Finally, eager buyers could buy an Apple iPad Mini today, just a few days after the product was officially announced. Like most other Apple products these days, there was a mad rush to place an order online, resulting in the tablet going out of stock almost straight away. Delivery times have slipped to two weeks after the November 2 release date. This was only for the basic, £329 16GB model though, the more expensive 32GB and 64GB models had earlier delivery dates, however you would have to splash out £349 and £429 respectively.

We’re sure many of you purchased one of these new items, but how many bought all three?

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