Valentine’s Day apps for meals, trips and date fun

toptable-appYou might think that sitting on your phone and playing with apps is the least romantic thing EVER, but when you make plans this Valentine’s Day you might want to use a number of cool options to help you think of date ideas, plan trips and book a table for your loved one at your favourite restaurant.

Here’s our pick of ten apps that’ll make Valentine’s Day happy and stress-free:


The popular Toptable service now has a great mobile offering, which allows you to browse through available reservations in real time, view nearby restaurants on a map, browse ratings and reviews and of course, book that all important table for the big night.

From iTunes for Free.


We wouldn’t usually endorse such a cringeworthy and cheesy app, but if you can’t be with your partner this Valentine’s Day, then a super silly app just for couples (yep, that’s right), might be just what you need. Despite the concept being really weird, Couple is actually an app that looks great and works really well, allowing you to keep in touch with just your other half. It works much like social networking app Path, but with silly features just for couples, like live sketching, thumb kissing and romantic photo filters.

From Couple for free.


A great one for messing around with your loved one or breaking the ice if you’ve not been dating very long. Fingle is like a rubbish version of Twister, press your fingertips on the screen and you’re forced to move them around and intertwine your hands with each other. We’re not sure how you’d suggest playing it without cracking up, but it seems to be quite popular!

From iTunes for £1.49.


YPlan is a brilliant new app for Londoners, which serves up a few really cool last minute things to do tonight or tomorrow. It’s slick to use, gives you great events that are actually really fun and fascinating and because it only caters for what’s going on in the next 24 hours you won’t get bogged down by tonnes of options and deals and things. We imagine YPlan will be packed full of great events on Valentine’s Day and the weekend after.

From iTunes for free.


If you’re having a quiet night in instead of opting for a fancy meal, then make sure you have a movie streaming app on your iPad so you can lean back and relax. We love Netflix for easy watching.

From iTunes or Google Play for free, but you will need a subscription.


If you plan on getting out of town on Valentine’s Day, or taking a little weekend break a few days after, then get yourself Tripit, an app that provides you with a super simple way to organise your travel plans. It’ll create a really comprehensive itinerary, keeps all of your confirmation emails in one place and basically acts like your personal assistant while you’re away.

From Tripit for all kinds of devices for free.

Jamie Oliver’s 20 Minute Meals

Why not ditch the overpriced restaurants this Valentine’s Day and opt for a home cooked meal instead? There are plenty of apps to help you cook brilliant creations that are fairly easy and aren’t going to break the bank, but good ol’ Jamie Oliver’s app ticks all of the boxes and the interface couldn’t be more simple.

From iTunes and Google Play for £4.99.

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