Top iOS apps for productivity and life hacking

Mobile apps aren’t just all about hurling birds and pigs around your phone screen or listening to music, there are plenty that many really depend on to sort out their working life, help them keep track of time and make themselves much more productive in the long run.

We’ve collected together a few of our top favourites that are definitely worth trying out if you need a bit more motivation and organisation in your life at the moment.

For note taking

evernote-iconThere are lots of apps on the market that allow you to take notes, share them, clip portions of text and save screenshots too. However, our favourite option has to be Evernote, because it does all of the above, it’s so simple to use and works across a range of devices, whether you’re on your phone, iPad or desktop computer.

Evernote is available from iTunes for free.

If you’re after an option that allows you to scribble down notes as well as doodle, draw diagrams and generally mess around, then we’d recommend trying Paper. It’s a beautifully designed app for the iPad, which allows you to play around with different brushes and share and save notes and doodles all in a slick app that’s been made for the new iPad’s Retina Display.

Paper is available for the iPad from iTunes for free.

For to-do lists

clear-iphone-iconYou can obviously jot down your to-do lists within your favourite note-taking app, but you might want to try something specific that provides you with more control over your tasks and projects. We love Clear, an unusual application with a very unique user experience, which allows you to use a range of gestures to put your tasks in order of priority and then nestle them under different projects.

Clear is available from iTunes for free.

For more of a professional-looking option, Wunderlist allows you to create task lists and then share them elsewhere and even with other colleagues and friends.

Wunderlist is available from iTunes for free.

For storing and sharing documents

dropbox-iconDropbox is the obvious choice for a way to keep documents, files and pretty much anything else you can imagine safe and secure. You have a Dropbox folder on your desktop and simply drag things into it to access whether you happen to be and whichever device you happen to be using.

Dropbox is available from iTunes for free.

For an easy way to share documents between friends and colleagues then we recommend Bump, an app which allows you to literally “bump” content between different devices that are both running the application.

Bump is available from iTunes for free.

For money management

toshl-money-appIf you thought there were a lot of note taking and to-do list apps then you’ll be blown away by the choice for those that help you track your finances and expenses.

Toshl is a pretty comprehensive personal finance manager, which allows you to keep tabs on bills and spending and allows you to constantly keep track of your budget so you can see where you’ve throwing all of your money away to.

Toshl is available from iTunes for free.

For health and well-being

myfitnesspal-iconWhen you’re rushing to get things done your health and personal well-being is probably the last thing on your mind, but if you’re not eating the right foods and getting enough exercise then we guarantee it’ll be a lot harder to stay productive and cross all of those tasks from your to-do list.

The health and fitness tech and app market is really taking off at the moment, but if you’re looking for a comprehensive way to track what you’re up to on a daily basis (and an awesome community to keep you motivated) then we recommend MyFitnessPal, an application which allows you to track calories, workouts and get all kinds of handy tips along the way.

MyFitnessPal is available from iTunes for free.


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