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bike-lightsMany of us have devised a set of New Year’s Resolutions to see in 2013, but if slaving away at the gym, eating leaves and being miserable isn’t for you, then we recommend taking up a new hobby that’ll get your body moving and prove to be fun and useful – cycling!

Admittedly the thought of cycling through the rain on glum days is a little bit grim, but get yourself kitted out with the right clothes, bike and gadgets and we promise you’ll become a dedicated fan of cycling in no time!

Bike Spokelit

As it’s so dark and gloomy at the moment it’s vital that you make sure your bike (and your clothes) is as visible as possible. So that’s why we recommend these quirky spoke lights, which can be kept constant or flashing as you ride. They only take a few seconds to attach and they’ve got enough energy inside them to keep lighting up your journeys for weeks and weeks.

Available from for £8.99.

Garmin Edge 800

Garmin’s GPS cycle computer is a touchscreen navigation and performance monitoring gadget, which tracks your distance, speed, location and ascent/descent as you ride. It might be a little pricey, but if you take your cycling seriously then it’s worth the investment.

Available from Millets for £269.99.

ICEDot Crash Sensor

This piece of tech isn’t available quite yet, but it’s certainly worth keeping an eye on. The ICEDot Crash Sensor (which stands for In Case of Emergency) detects impacts to your cycling helmet and will then alert your contacts to let them know something has happened. This is a great idea for those that like to do a lot of off road cycling in more remote locations and want to feel as safe as possible, as it’ll also tell your contacts where you are using GPS tech and how severe the fall has been.

For more info visit:

Cyfi Wireless Sports Speaker

It’s not just designed for cyclists, but the Cyfi sports speaker is great for listening to music out loud on-the-go, no matter what you’re up to. It has super simple controls so you’re not distracted if you want to change the volume of the track and fits perfectly on a set of handlebars. We’d just suggest you don’t cycle through houses with this strapped to your cycle, leave it for lonely rides in the countryside before you get arrested for noise pollution or something!

Available from for £59.99.

B.iCycle App

The B.iCycle application for iOS, Android and Windows phones is a great companion for cyclists, as it calculates speed, distance covered, altitude and calories burnt up too. Of course there are plenty of other applications that’ll track your cycling activity – and other forms of exercise too – but B.iCycle is a firm favourite among dedicated bike lovers because it comes with OpenStreetMap, a database full of great cycle routes created by the rest of the community.

Available for Windows, Android and iOS devices from the B.iCycle website.

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