Top free iPad apps for lazy sunday reading, browsing and gaming

pinterest-ipadThere’s no doubt that iPads (and all the other awesome tablets out there for that matter) can be brilliant for work life, whether you’re using them for note-taking during meetings, catching up with work emails and showing off those presentations you’ve spent so long making as you beaver away during the week.

However, they’re also ideal for a bit of “me time”, whether that means reading the papers wherever you are, or just messing around with some mindless games!

So here’s our pick of the top (and totally free) iPad apps for those lovely lazy Sundays.




Flipboard is described as a “social news magazine”, which basically means it’s a personalised magazine for your iPad full of all kinds of content, including news stories from papers, posts from your favourite blogs and even updates and photos from your Twitter, Facebook and other social media accounts.

You’re able to scroll through all the posts, updates and news stories, save them to read later if you’re pushed for time and even interact with what’s going on too, by liking, commenting on and sharing all of the great gems you find.

Available from iTunes for free.


There’s been a Pinterest app for the iPhone for a long time, but only in the past week has it been made into a dedicated app for the iPad too, bringing the addictive world of Pinterest to your tablet.

The app allows you to do everything that you can do online, like browse through pins, search for different topics, add your own and interact with all of the lovely photos. However, it also really makes the most of the iPad’s intuitive screen, so swipe through content using the clean and simple interface.

Available from iTunes for free.

Angry Birds HD

There are all kinds of games that work well on the iPad, but as much as we come across new and exciting alternatives every week, we always come back to the simple and addictive Angry Birds without fail.

This particular version has 24 different levels for you to work through, so get throwing birds around and using your brain and peepers to work out how best to defeat the pigs! It sounds silly, it really is, but it’s also a fun (and crazily addictive) game.

Available from iTunes for free.

TV Catchup

If you like to use your weekends to catch up on all the TV you were too tired and busy to watch during the week, then we’d recommend a comprehensive app like TV Catchup.

The app has shows from over 50 channels, like BBC 1, Channel 4, Dave and Film4, which you can play whenever you fancy by streaming the programmes over Wi-Fi.

The benefit of being able to catch up on TV with your iPad means you can take it anywhere, a serious documentary while we soak in a bubbly bath? Yes please!

Available from iTunes for free.

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