Top cases and accessories for your new iPad Mini

The Apple team launched its latest new tablet device, the teeny, tiny iPad Mini, late last year. Whether you went out to snap the new gadget up straight away, got one under the tree over Christmas or you’re still considering if a dwarf version of the original iPad is really worth the pennies, then we’ve collected together some of our top cases and accessories to keep your new device as safe and stylish as possible.

Belkin iPad Mini Case in Purple


A bright case from Belkin with padded corners and a magnetic closing mechanism, so you can throw it in your bag and leave without your iPad Mini sliding out.

Belkin is great at creating good quality tech accessories, so it’s definitely one for those that want a good-looking cover that’s actually going to do the job.

Available from Currys for £24.99.



Knomo iPad Mini Folio

knomo-ipad-mini-folioIt’s a bit more expensive than most of the rest on the list, but this case from Knomo is bright, well-crafted out of leather and keeps your iPad Mini safe inside with a sturdy, moulded plastic interior.

Like many covers it’s multi-talented, with three ways of working, either use it as a cover, in a typing position or upright for watching movies and TV shows.

Available from Knomo for £49.




The Loneliness of Autumn iPad Mini Gelaskin

gelaskins-coverGelaskins doesn’t create cases, but instead it’s become really popular for making hardwearing gel covers that actually ‘stick’ to your gadgets and then bringing in designers to come up with bright ideas. This means they have a really tight fit and can have the most amazing, vibrant designs printed onto the sides. We particularly like this one called ‘The Loneliness of Autumn’ by Leonid Afremov.

Don’t worry though, the skins are specially designed to not leave an awful sticky residue behind!

Available from Gelaskins for $19.95.

Pipetto iPad Mini Hard Case

pipetto-red-caseA classy looking case and smart cover from Pipetto crafted from Italian leather. This is definitely the best option for a super classy case, so if you’re thinking of taking it into work then get over to the Pipetto website and swoon at the lovely (but expensive) options.

Available from Pipetto for £69.95.




Griffin Passport Case for iPad Mini

griffin-owl-passportA cute case from Griffin in the style of a passport folio that opens up just like a book and has a handy piece of elastic to keep it secure. Great for those who see their iPad device more as a notebook rather than for an entertainment gadget for movies and TV shows.

Available from Griffin for $34.99.





Apple iPad Mini Smart Cover

apple-smart-coverAlthough Apple’s products and accessories are usually quite pricey, they are guaranteed to fit your gadgets perfectly (as you’d expect) and always look good too. If we really wanted to keep our gadgets safe we’d get a great smart cover, like this bright cherry red one and then wrap it up in a pouch too.

This smart cover comes in all kinds of shades and provides your iPad Mini with slim yet sturdy protection and a keyboard and film stand too.

Available from Apple for £35.


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  • Caroline Constable

    Those Gelaskin cases are pretty nice. Looks like they do them for a multitude of other devices too including ‘phablets’!