Top 5 portable radios and audio devices

Now most of us have smart phones attached to us at all times, it makes sense to invest in some extra gadgets so we can listen to our favourite tracks and radio stations when we’re on the move without having that tinny sound that we often get from a mobile phone’s speakers.

Whether it’s a party in the lead up to Christmas or just some tunes to keep everyone in your office motivated, a portable boom box, speaker or radio is a great companion, present or treat if you’ve got an event coming up you need to prepare for.

Logitech Mini Boombox

logitech-boomboxLogitech’s latest boombox device is so small it’ll fit in the palm of your hand, which means it’s super portable and can be thrown in most bags.

The device has up to ten hours or battery life, so it’s guaranteed to survive even the longest of parties (well, most of them).

The Logitech Boombox has been specially designed to give you a great quality sound, as well as solid bass.

The speaker has backlight controls, meaning you can control everything in the dark.

The speaker pairs up with smartphones, tablets and any other Bluetooth-enabled devices.

Available from Logitech for £69.99.

ViewQuest Portable DAB Radio

view-quest-portable-radioThis portable gadget from ViewQuest is great for radio lovers who aren’t too fussed about anything fancy and pairing their phone up to speakers.

This DAB/FM radio device has over 10 hours of playback, an LCD display and more than 10 station presets. Oh and did you mention that it’s got a super cheesy but patriotic union jack exterior?

Available from ViewQuest for £49.99.






Boombero Near Field Audio Speaker

boombero-speakerThis new Boombero speaker uses Near Field Audio to transmit audio from your mobile phone to the speakers.

With the Boombero speaker, you don’t need to worry about cables or wi-fi or even turning on Bluetooth, but just place your phone in the slot on the device and away you go. Clever, huh?

The gadget itself is only slightly bigger than your mobile, making it ideal for throwing in a bag and carrying around with you all day.

The device is compatible with most smartphones and runs on 3 X AAA batteries or just via a USB cable.

Available from Firebox for £44.99.



Mighty BoomBall Speaker

boomball-fireboxIf it’s a REALLY portable option you’re after, then the Mighty BoomBall is for you, because it only measures 3cm and yet still manages to amplify your music by using different surfaces as a speaker!

You simply keep the ball attached to a keyring or just in your pocket and then when you want to play something attach it to your phone and hook it up to any surface, like a cardboard box or even a can, so then the ball vibrates and the empty space becomes an amplifier.

The BoomBall is available in a few different colours, including green, pink, blue, black and white and runs off 2 X AAA batteries.

Available from Firebox for £16.99.



ViewQuest Retro Radio

view-quest-retro-radioThis retro-inspired radio from ViewQuest may not be the cheapest or most portable on the list, but if you want something that looks good and sounds good then this is the device for you.

The Retro Radio is a mobile phone speaker and DAB/FM radio rolled into one, with an LCD screen, 2 X 10 Watt speakers and a battery life of up to 15 hours.

There’s a faux-leather and material exterior on the radio in a range of different colours, like pink, green, red, blue and purple.

Available from ViewQuest for £99.99.

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