Top 5 music making apps for your iPhone and iPad

music-making-appsOver the past year we’ve collected together all kinds of new apps, from those that help you to understand the weather to others that have been specially designed for little kids. But the past twelve months has seen a big step in apps that allow you to produce great sounding music, whether you’re a complete beginner or know a thing or two about making tracks with various pieces of software already.

We’ve collected together five of our favourite music making apps for iPhone and iPad devices, from the beautiful Figure to a firm Apple favourite, Garage Band.

1. Figure

Figure (see screenshot above) is a really good-looking app, which you can use to make music in seconds but it’ll also keep you occupied for hours too if you want to delve deeper into the beats.

There are Drums, Bass and Lead Synth options to start making music with, wheels for Rhythm, Range and Scale Steps that you can adjust and a whole range of super intuitive gestures to tweak and perfect the way everything sounds with your fingertips.

Even thought the controls are super simple, if you know your stuff about music production, then you’ll still feel challenged by Figure and it’s powered by Reason’s Thor synthesizer and Kong drum machine.

Available from iTunes for £0.69.

2. iMaschine

Described as “the groove sketchpad”, iMaschine allows users to develop great ideas for tracks wherever they are. There are a range of ways to start making music, with 16 drum pads, a keyboard, audio recorder and a range of weird and wonderful samples to choose from.

Cool additional features include threshold-based pad sampling, note repeat, auto-loop length feature, an on-board mixer and  audio recording function.

Even though iMaschine is based on Maschine, a production studio device and software for professionals, it’s still suitable for beginners if you properly learn the controls and have some spare time on your hands.

Available from iTunes for £2.99.

3. Loopy HD

Loopy HD is a little different to other apps on the list because it’s a looper, which means it’s all about creating music then layering it up to build great sounding tracks with LOADS of different elements.

The interface is really easy to understand (plenty of beginners have left great reviews on iTunes) and there’s a dedicated tutorial to help you find your feet. However, more professional music lovers won’t be disappointed either as there’s more advanced guidance to help you find additional, more detailed features too.

Available from iTunes for £2.49.

4. GarageBand

GarageBand is a super popular app created by Apple, which allows users to play a selection of instruments then step into their own, virtual recording studio.

As you’d expect, the app really takes advantage of the iPad and iPhone’s multi-touch gestures to allow you to play the instruments then mix everything up afterwards.

You can also use your device’s built-in microphone to add melodic vocals or just silly sound effects you find while out and about.

Available from iTunes for £2.99.

5. NanoStudio

Often voted the top music making app (we’d expect it at that price!), NanoStudio is a mini recording studio within your iOS device, complete with virtual analogue synths, sample trigger pads, a sequencer, a sample editor, a mixer and multiple effects.

Although beginners can find their feet quickly with NanoStudio, it’s also a great option for those who have got a bit tired of the cheaper, more basic apps and want something a little bit different packed with only the best features.

Available from iTunes for £10.49.

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