Top 5 apps for keeping an eye on the weather

met-office-appAs winter draws in and it gets much colder outside, make sure you’re prepared for the worst with an accurate and easy-to-use weather app, particularly around Christmas time when you don’t want your plans scuppered by a bit of snow or heavy winds.

There are all kinds of weather apps available and even the built-in offering on the iPhone is pretty accurate if you’re only looking for a basic forecast, but find the one that suits you whether you’re after detailed meteorological stats, a great user interface or an app that’ll serve up all kinds of travel information too.

1. Met Office Weather Application

The weather app from the Met Office serves up really accurate 5 day forecasts direct from the country’s leading meteorological teams, complete with daily weather maps, a UV forecast, a new prediction and forecast three times an hour, warning notifications and the chance to save all of your favourite locations so you don’t have to start a new search every time.

Available from iTunes for Free.

2. Weather Dial

Now we know it sounds strange to call an app beautiful, but download Weather Dial and you’ll see what we mean. The app has a slick and minimal interface, which is based on Dieter Rams’ 10 principles of design, just load it up and swipe through the different options.

However, it’s not just got a pretty face, the Weather Dial app provides you with the current local weather forecast, a week and hourly forecast prediction and the temperature too, everything you need for finding out what the weather’s up to without super detailed forecasts.

Available from iTunes for £0.69.

3. AccuWeather

The AccuWeather application for Android phones is a really comprehensive option if you’re looking for a good weather app that’ll tell you how the conditions will affect you and even serve up some of the day’s main headlines too.

You can receive push notifications for major weather changes and events, find out the 15 day forecast for locations all over the globe, share everything online and even customise how the app itself looks, so you’re more likely to use it.

Available from Google Play for Free.

4. WindFinder

The WindFinder application is a little more specific, allowing users to find out what’s going on with the weather, waves and most importantly wind.

It’s a great companion for those who depend on the wind to play sports and serves up hourly details so you know when’s the best time to jump out onto that surfboard. The app has most locations covered too, so if you’d like to plan a sporting holiday a few days in advance just check out one of the 25,000 worldwide.

Available from iTunes for Free.

5. Weather+

The Weather+ mobile app for the iPhone provides users with a 5 day forecast for anywhere in the world and allows you to simply swipe through different locations.

You can see the weather forecast simply with icons or watch the range of videos that come as part of the app, so it’s like you’re constantly watching your own personal weather channel.

Available from iTunes for £1.49.

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