The original iPad-only newspaper, The Daily, to close

The Daily iPadBack in February 2011, Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation launched another newspaper, except it was unlike any other already on the market, as it was to live solely on Apple’s then-new iPad tablet. He said “new times demand new journalism”, and on the outside, the app certainly looked the part with video, audio, high quality photos and interactive features. Underneath however, it was a newspaper like all the rest.

Now, less than two years after it began, and in the wake of News Corporation’s split into two entities, The Daily is to close on December 15 — putting an end to a publication that was sometimes viewed as the forerunner to an industry saving model.

The Daily never really took off here in the UK, as although it was available through the UK iTunes store, the content was almost entirely US-focused, so it had little meaning for readers in this country. In the US it performed better, usually sitting in the top five highest grossing apps in the store according to research company Distimo.

However, it wasn’t equipped to deal with the explosion of the social news scene, as despite stories being updated during the day, it wasn’t able to react to new news as quickly as Twitter, Facebook, Reddit or any number of the continuously updated blogs out there. Plus, unlike news aggregation apps such as Google Currents, Pulse News or Flipboard, it had a price attached — £27 per year or £0.69 per week.

This, combined with the News Corporation split, has seen The Daily become another costly project consigned to the history books. No announcement has been made regarding compensation for those who’ve still got time to run on an annual subscription.

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