The best iPhone apps for skiing, snowboarding and snowy holidays

ski-app-screenshotAlthough many of us are already sick and tired of snow (admittedly we only had to endure it for a few days, but we’re British and find it hard to cope with these things), some of us are lucky enough to jet away from the miserable UK in the winter months to get a holiday abroad complete with skiing, snowboarding and other fun, chilly activities.

After all, there’s something much more appealing about sliding down a white hill in skiing gear in France than trying to make a sledge out of a bin bag and falling down a little mound amongst lots of sludge in Slough.

We assume you’ll have already sorted out your winter holiday gear if you’re jetting off soon, but let us enlighten you with a few of our favourite apps for skiing, snowboarding and snowy holiday fun.

Ski Club Snow Reports

An app dedicated to serving up comprehensive yet really easy-to-use snow reports and weather alerts from more than 44 popular ski resorts all over the globe. The app is updated daily, so you’re getting the most up-to-date information, which is really important if you’re more experienced when it comes to skiing and plan on braving it on your own a little further out from the beginners.

Not only do you get information about the weather, but you can also access data about piste conditions, snow depth and even take a peak at live webcams to see what’s going on with your own peepers.

Available from iTunes for free.


A great app for planning your ski trips and then sorting everything out once you get there too. Use Ski:Europe to determine which resort you’d like to visit and it’ll then tell you the runs and lifts that’ll be right for your ability level.

There are interactive maps for lots of major resorts and a tonne of interesting sharing options, so you can send details of what you’ve been up to with photos and added details with your social networks. You can review certain aspects of your trip too and take a look at what other users thought of things before you commit to anything, from trails and certain lifts to how accommodating a certain ski school was for beginners.

Just like an activity tracking app (we’re thinking Nike+ Running), Ski:Europe will also monitor what you get up to as you’re whizzing around, allowing you to view statistics of distance, speed and total descent.

There’s also basic weather information too, which won’t rival the service provided by Ski Club Snow Reports above, but will serve up enough advanced warning if there’s about to be a big snowstorm or something equally as urgent.

Available from iTunes for 69p.


There are all kinds of photo and video apps available, but very few are going to be able to capture action shots while you’re hurtling through the air (or maybe it’d be safer if you were taking photos of your friends while they hurtle through the air). However, ActionShot is a bit more capable than most iPhone offerings, because it allows you to capture any moment and then turn it into a sequence shot, somehow managing to capture the whole course of an action in one image.

Available from iTunes for free.

Ski Pursuit

An app specially designed for those who are more experienced when it comes to skiing and snowboarding and want to keep a close eye on their runs. You’ll get a detailed analysis of all kinds of stats, including maximum speed, average speed, duration of your run, distance of your run and details of the ascent and descent too. It’s also handy to see an overlay of your run on an interactive map too. For those who like showing off, you’ll be able to share everything with your social networks when you’re done too.

Available from iTunes for free.


snowEdge is similar to Ski Pursuit in that you can track your runs, but this app is much more about monitoring how you’re doing, rating your runs and allowing you to make big improvements over time.

Available from iTunes for free.

Ullr’s Mobile Avalanche Safety Tools

A very comprehensive (and therefore super pricey) application, which combines data, snow science (yep, apparently that’s a “thing”) and all of the GPS, accelerometer and compass tools within your iPhone in order to provide you with detailed information about the snow in the area you’re visiting and whether there’s any potential dangers nearby.

Available from iTunes for £6.99.

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