The best iPhone apps for Christmas shopping and bargain hunting

voucher-cloud-appWe’ve all made peace with the fact that our mobile phones are now just extensions of our own hands and we probably spend around 60% of the day calling, texting and stalking away on them. But now the hectic festive season is here, you can easily turn them into something a little more practical and download apps that’ll help you to weed out the best bargains, shop for tech with ease and find your nearest supermarket.

Here’s our pick of the best iPhone apps for shopping over the next few weeks and ensuring you get all of your gifts bought with as little stress and department store tantrums as possible:

For vouchers and cheap lunches

There are all kinds of apps available to help you weed out the best bargains and serve up vouchers. However, our two favourite options have to be Voucher Cloud (from iTunes for free) and My Voucher Codes (from iTunes for free), two similar discount apps that’ll help you find cheaper presents nearby or tell you where to escape from the cold and get lunch that won’t break the bank.

Both apps allow you to specify what kind of deal you’re after, whether it’s food and drink or clothing and then you can even see which are closest, meaning minimum effort on your part, which is what we like to hear at this crazy time of year.

For tech products

If you don’t need to pop into a shop to check out which speaker or phone you’re buying this year, then rely on the Amazon Mobile app (from iTunes for free). It’s a simple to use yet really comprehensive app (providing you with access to all of the online giant’s products), which allows you to quickly search for the products you’re after, browse reviews and make purchases within seconds.

We also like that it’s got a great barcode scanning feature, so when you see a product out and about in the wild you can check how it measures up price-wise on Amazon so you’re getting the best possible deal.

For clothes and accessories

ASOS is the one-stop-shop on the web for affordable, stylish clothes and accessories and the same can be said for its app (from iTunes for free) too. Use it to browse the collection, save searches and pinch and zoom around the products so you really know what they’re all about. The great thing about the ASOS app is it’ll sync up to the web version, so you can do all of your shopping on the bus with your mobile, then log-in via your computer when you get in to double check everything.

For last minute panic buying

If you’ve left it until the last minute and don’t have enough money, time or gifts to hand around your family then you need to find the nearest big Tesco store and stock up on chocolates and gadgets. The supermarket’s Tesco Finder app (from iTunes for free) won’t just tell you where your nearest store is, but it’ll tell you whereabouts in each store the products you’re looking for are, so you can run in and out in no time.

For keeping track of gifts

If you’re buying presents for more than a few people this year it can get very stressful and within an hur you’ve probably forgotten what you’re meant to be buying everyone. Keep on top of everything with mGifts (from iTunes for 69p) a simple app that allows you to organise lists detailing who you need to buy for, what you need to get them and how much you’ve got to spend on each person too. Just make sure you feel in all of the details before you leave the house, because trying to get your head around what you need to buy as you’re maxing out your credit card and a kid is screaming beside you won’t be the best environment to make good purchase decisions!

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