Shiny happy people! Win a years Spotify with Envirofone

Win a years Spotify with Envirofone


We needed a way to celebrate exceeding 3 million happy customers, so we thought “let’s go to Spotify and create a playlist and call it The Envirofone Happy Playlist!”

But wait, (we’re still thinking) let’s show our customers how happy we are and ask them to contribute. Not contribute for nothing, we’re not the Huffington Post, but use their musical repertoire and DJ skills to help us fine tune the ultimate Happy Playlist and reward them with Spotify goodness!  Cue even more happiness!

And to judge whose songs deserved to be in the Envirofone Happy Playlist and win Spotify treats, let’s have a democracy and invite their friends, stalkers and total strangers vote for them!

So we developed an app and loaded it on to our Facebook page. There you can let your imagination run wild thinking of the ultimate happy song to nominate.

Once you’ve nominated, share it with your mates, let the momentum build up, encourage everyone to vote for it because if you win, if your song gets enough votes to be number 1 on The Envirofone Happy Playlist, you’ll win 1 year of Spotify Premium! That’s a year’s supply of Spotify, which means no adverts, none of this play the track 5 times only, unlimited hours of listening to music when you want it, where you want it, how you want it!

And, you don’t even have to get your song to too number 1. If your song gets enough votes and it makes it in the top 39, we’ll give you a month Spotify Premium. OK, it’s not as good as a year, but hey, it’s pretty damn good.

Get that happy tune lined up, get to our Facebook and let the greatest Happy Playlist be made!

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