Our favourite apps to keep the kids entertained over half term

Wow January was long and miserable, wasn’t it? Well don’t worry, because it’s half term now and whether you’ve got kids or plan on looking after a few little relatives for an hour or so this week, it’s bound to cheer you up to play with them and hear them whine about wanting to do something fun. Luckily we’ve collected together some of our favourite apps for keeping kids entertained over the holidays, whether they help you book movie tickets in no time, get moving and active or have a bit of down time playing around on the iPad.


Although there are plenty of other cinemas up and down the country, Vue is great because it offers its regular customers a number of different schemes and awards and has special showings for kids of all ages. You can check out timetables and book your cinema tickets online at myvue.com, but Vue now has a number of dedicated apps too, which allow you to look up information and make plans all from within your pocket wherever you are.

Vue has created apps for both iOS and Android devices, which allow users to view film info and watch trailers to pick the right one for them. Once you’ve decided what you want to see, you can then find your nearest cinema, book tickets and then share everything with your social networks all from a super simple UI.

The Vue apps are pretty invaluable all year round if you’re into your movies, but they may also be a bit of a life saver during the school half term when you’re stuck for something to do and need a quick and fun last-minute solution.

Available for iOS and Android devices from Vue Apps.

WWF Together

This app isn’t going to magically create fun things for your kids to do or transport you and your family to a fun day out, but if you’re waiting in line somewhere or want your little ones to indulge in a bit of quiet, educational time then we’d highly recommend WWF Together.

The app is essentially an informative app, which explains what WWF’s mission is and introduces users to a range of endangered animals that the charity hopes to help in some way. It may sound a bit dull for anyone that isn’t panda/lion/polar bear crazy, but the slick UI of the app and fun ways it teaches you more makes it great for inquisitive minds of all ages.

Available for iPad devices from iTunes.


Whether you’re taking the kids for a walk through an exciting forest, down on the beach or just to the supermarket, introducing an app like MapMyWalk is a great way to tech them all about keeping active.

MapMyWalk is part of the MapMyRun and MapMyRide family of activity trackers, which sit on your phone and utilise the device’s accelerometer to serve up information about distance covered and calories burned. It may sound a little dry, but you can use this information to turn each and every activity into a game by beating previous distances and burning up more calories.

Available for iOS, Android and BlackBerry devices from MapMyWalk.

Time Out London

If you live in or around London, then take a trip into the capital this half term and make sure you’re armed with a number of apps to help you out. There are a lot of great transport applications at the moment, like TubeMap and Citymapper, to make travelling around London easier than ever, but we’d also recommend Time Out’s dedicated app for exploring and finding cool things to do whatever your taste or budget.

The app is constantly being updated and is packed full of information about new events, cool places to visit and lots of suggestions about other things to pack your day full with. You can find, share and even book all kinds of things directly through the application, which makes it great for deciding what to do quickly while you’re on the move. We also like the fact you can read reviews as well, so it feels like you’re making the best decision about where to go and what to do instead of being forced by what seems the most interesting.

Available for iOS devices from iTunes.


An app created by NHS Choices, Chang4Life is all about finding fun things to do. The app itself is bright, colourful and REALLY simple, just choose whether you want an indoor or outdoor activity, specify the group of your party and GO! There are all kinds of activities available, like how to make an instrument at home (we’re intrigued), how to play dodgeball or tips for making the best ice lolly.

Admittedly a lot of the activities need a fair bit of planning, but it’s a fun little app and even kids can use it to decide how they’d like to spend the next week.

Available for iOS devices from iTunes.


Now first up you’ll need a Netflix subscription for the app to work, but if you’ve already got one for your computer at home then snap up the app for your Android or iOS devices straight away. This way you can watch your favourite TV shows and movies on the move over 3G and keep kids occupied while you’re waiting for something, eating or during long journeys.

Available for iOS and Android devices from iTunes and Google Play.

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