New Uses for Old Technology

Grizzly Bear in tent

One of the problems brought about by today’s ever-advancing technology is the mobile phone and tablet graveyard. Who doesn’t have a drawer or two full of old, unused phones and tablets? Like it or not, these relics of a bygone era (circa 2011) really do deserve a second wind. Now, you may object as your old tablet isn’t as good as your new one and you don’t want to spend good money taking out another plan for an old phone. In fact, while so many people are verging on skint as a brick, it makes sense to want to try and save wherever you can.

Well, surprisingly, there are many more useful things to do with your old smartphones and tablets, none of which will be covered in this blog, so here are a few stupid ideas to keep your phone-hoarding habits justified.

1. Time Travelling Mirror

Some old tablets have two cameras; one on the front and one on the back. By propping up your tablet on a table or nailing it to a wall by taping a piece of string to the top of it, you can have another ‘mirror’ around the house. Since you’ve already had your money’s worth out of the tablet, you practically get a free mirror. The best thing about this ‘mirror’, of course, is that if you look like a train wreck you can change all of that in an instant! Draw a moustache or give yourself a nice hat, or maybe add some stars and a pony to the background. Grab an old photo from a few years ago and suddenly you look as great as you did when you were sixteen. In fact, since it’s just a regular old ‘mirror’, we can only deduct that you have travelled back in time using the same creativity that gained you your tablet-mirror-thing in the first place. The final step? Enjoy the rewards of being a time traveller.

2. High-Tech Bike Lights

Why spend money on cheap tacky lights when you can have a super, technologically enhanced cyber bike? We all know from experience that smartphones can either be as dark as a cave or lit up like Paris on a Christmas night and, if your old smartphone is the latter, then you may as well make good use of it. Just tape your phone to the front of your bike and off you go! The best part is that you can change the screen or use some apps for fancy colours. Why have a flat white light when you can have a strobe light on the front of your bike? Scare your friends by riding behind them with the red and blue police lights or pretend to be an alien spaceship and have a green light accompany you on your travels.

3. Fake A Bear Attack

One night you may be camping with your good and un-creatively named friends Bob and Joe but, unfortunately for you, Bob ate thirty pounds of baked beans and Indian curry before bed and you get the misfortune of sleeping in the same tent as him. The first thing you must do in this situation is make sure you have your backup phone with pre-installed bear sounds. As soon as the target is safely asleep, shake the tent while playing bear roars and watch as they run screaming into the night. The extra bonus of this, of course, is that it saves you a fortune on live bears but be warned, if you download the mating call of a bear by accident, you’ll be the one running.

If faking a bear attack sounds like a lot of effort you could always flog it! Not in a beating it with a birch kind of way, flog it for cash! You’ll find mobile phone recyclers on the internet willing to pay a good few quid for old mobiles.

Thomas Foelster works and writes for the money saving and voucher code website

Image credit: Trevlooce