Networks stockpile Nano-SIM cards, as white front panel for iPhone 5 leaks

iPhone 5 Front PanelIf the rumours are correct, the mobile industry is gearing up for the launch of the next Apple iPhone, and two pieces of news point to its release not being all that far away.

First up, European mobile networks are reportedly gathering new Nano-SIM cards, in preparation for the new phone. The iPhone 4 and 4S use a Micro-SIM card, but following a new standard size of SIM being approved by the European Telecommunications Institute recently, it looks like Apple will be adopting that one this time around.

While the approved design is a modified version of one Apple submitted to ETSI, it wasn’t the only entry, and few people expected Apple to be able to have enough time to implement it on any new phone.

The Nano-SIM is 40-percent smaller than the existing smallest SIM, and provides manufacturers with the opportunity to make smaller devices and squeeze in more technology.

In related news, the picture you see to your left claims to show the front panel of the next white and black iPhone. It’s consistent with previous rumours, as it shows a larger screen — possibly 4-inches with a 16:9 ratio — and a repositioned FaceTime camera above the speaker.

At the moment there’s no way to tell if this is an accurate view of the next iPhone, as not only does Apple test various designs before settling on one, but CEO Tim Cook promised to increase security this year, in an effort to avoid exactly this type of leak. Is it real, or a fake? We won’t know this, or the answer to the Nano-SIM question, until Apple unveils the new phone later this year.

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