Huawei 5-inch, 1080p superphone coming at CES 2013

Huawei Ascend D2Huawei is the latest manufacturer to pre-announce a new superphone with a high definition screen, which it will be launching during CES 2013. The device is known as the Ascend D2, and Huawei’s CEO talked about it on China’s version of Twitter this week. He said, “Seeing friends starting to release 5-inch 1080p phones, we will release a flagship phone – Ascend D2 – at the CES global consumer electronics show in January next year”.

The Ascend D2 has been talked about before, after it made a brief appearance in China, although exact specifications are still a mystery. It’s expected the device will use a quad-core, 1.5GHz processor of Huawei’s own design, a 13 megapixel camera and Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. As the latest information comes from the top man at Huawei, we can safely assume it’s going to have a 5-inch screen with a 1080p resolution.

A 5-inch smartphone/tablet hybrid seems to be on the roster for every major hardware manufacturer in the coming year, and in the last few weeks we’ve seen examples from Oppo, ZTE and Samsung.

In addition to the Ascend D2, Huawei will launch its first Windows Phone 8 handset at CES, named the Ascend W1. Huawei was announced as a Microsoft partner back in June, but has held off releasing a device until the beginning of the new year. It’s not expected to challenge the Nokia Lumia 920 or HTC 8X, but will instead be a lower cost, mid-range phone.

CES 2013 begins on January 8 in Las Vegas.

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