Hipsters, your dreams are coming true: Instagram Polaroid camera coming in 2014

Instagram cameraIf you own a smartphone, you’ll no doubt be aware of Instagram, the insanely popular photo sharing social network built around pictures, “enhanced” by a series of filters. Initially an iPhone exclusive app, Instagram was purchased by Facebook last year, and has since announced it has 90 million active users who share 40 million photos every day.

While Instagram is currently a mobile-only activity, next year the brand will make the jump to cameras, as Socialmatic has confirmed it will be bringing out a range of Instagram-branded Polaroid instant cameras in 2014.

Once you’ve taken a snap you can choose to add an Instagram filter, then print it out onto the traditional Polaroid instant film. The clever part is the camera will have Wi-Fi, so if you have a handy hotspot nearby – or can create one with your phone – you’ll be able to share those snaps online too. In addition to the cameras, Socialmatic will produce a series of accessories, including alternative lenses, filter packs and camera bags.

You can check out an early concept video below, although there’s no word whether the final product will look exactly like this. While it looks great, it also looks like a premium product, which could mean an uninviting premium price tag. While we love the idea of such a product, we’re struggling to see the point, as Instagram is available for free on our phones, and therefore almost always with us. Carrying a camera around as well seems a little pointless.

No firm release date has been provided, but we can expect the Instagram Polaroid camera to go on sale in early 2014.

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