Halloween apps, games and photo fun round-up


scary-scrath-appOver recent years it seems the UK has gradually caught up with the over-the-top US standards for Halloween, including all kinds of crazy costumes, unprecedented amounts of decorations on our houses and a range of spooky treats being served up until the big day.

If you’re into tech you don’t want to miss out either and luckily there are plenty of online games and mobile apps to make your Halloween extra special, super geeky and kind of terrifying in equal measures.

Here are a few of our favourites, from apps that’ll turn your friends into zombies and scary creatures of the night to mobile games that’ll have you feeling too scared to step out of the house.

Photo apps and sites to turn your friends and family into scary Halloween creatures

There are all kinds of photo apps designed to make you look fatter, give you weird teeth or prettify your face a little bit, so it’s no surprise developers have gone all out for Halloween and there are apps to make you look like ghouls, zombies, witches, vampires, we could go on and on and on…

If you have a quick search for Halloween apps in the iTune or Google Play app stores you’ll find plenty of fun options, but we like Scary Scrath, because it’s so simple to use, just upload a photo, pick a mask to add and tweak it slightly so it fits. Turn your family into skeletons and your friends into a zombie army! Fun!

Scary Scrath is available from iTunes for £1.49.

If you’d rather edit your photos online, then super popular editing web app PicMonkey has had a fancy revamp for Halloween, adding a few scary and brilliant features. To get started click on PicMonkey’s new ‘Halloween’ tab, which will then allow you to add spooky filters to your photos and give faces creepy features, including veins, fangs and new eyes, which you can tweak to your heart’s content.

Check out PicMonkey online now, it’s free to use.

Fun online games and apps for little kids

Halloween is so much for for little kids, who like to get dressed up and really get into the spirit of the spooky night. There are lots of mobile apps and online games to keep them occupied after hours of trick or treating (good luck with that parents), from those that are cute and incorporate simple spelling and counting tasks to those that are just a bit gruesome.

MonsterPieces is a silly app, which allows kids to create the most scary and gruesome monster faces by dragging slimy features across the screen.

MonsterPieces is available from iTunes for £1.99.

If you want more of an educational option, then there’s a special Halloween Dr. Seuss story aimed at kids aged 3 to 6 who can read along and follow the creepy story.

Dr. Seuss What Was I Scared Of is available from iTunes for £1.49.

For teeny tiny kids we’d recommend something simple and colourful, like Kids Shape Puzzle Halloween, which is a basic shapes game with a witchy theme!

Kids Shape Puzzle Halloween is available from Google Play for £1.24.

Scary mobile games for teens and adults

If you’re looking for something a little scarier, then try a creepy zombie game that’s been taken from video games and turned into an app, like Resident Evil 4 for plenty of shoot-em-up fun.

Resident Evil is available from iTunes for £2.99.

If you’re a bit sick of seeing Resident Evil everywhere then Zombie Infection is just as heart pounding, with 12 different levels and great visuals.

Zombie Infection is available from iTunes for £2.99.

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