Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Coming to iOS, Android, Kindle and Windows Phone

GTA San AndreasAlmost a year ago this week, Rockstar Games announced it would be releasing Grand Theft Auto: Vice City for iOS and Android. It was a welcome early Christmas treat, and the game turned out to be great. Now, Rockstar has announced another surprise for GTA fans, as it will be bringing Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas to iOS and Android next month.

Console owners may be enjoying Grand Theft Auto 5 today, but nearly ten years ago, San Andreas was cutting edge console gaming. It’s hard to believe such a complex and exciting world can be recreated on the devices we carry in our pockets, but Rockstar claims the game will be better than ever.

The game will feature remastered graphics, with more detailed shadows and dynamic lighting effects, improved colours, and a greater draw distance for more immersive gaming. The many characters and cars have all been given a makeover too, so San Andreas on mobile promises to look its absolute best.

Rockstar has overhauled the control system, adding in different options for car control, and changed the way you progress through missions by adding more checkpoints. Additionally, the game will support the new generation of controllers introduced for iOS 7 on the iPhone.

According to Rockstar’s blog post, owners of “Select” iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Amazon Kindle devices will be getting the game in December. Take notice of the word select, as it’s unlikely to be compatible with aging or low-spec hardware. We’re excited for its release, and can’t wait to catch up with CJ and his friends again.

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