Google Nexus 4 goes on sale: Here’s why it’s such a bargain

LG Nexus 4This week, the much discussed Google Nexus 4 has gone on sale in the UK, the USA and parts of Europe. Any new Nexus phone is an important event for the mobile fan, but the Nexus 4 is perhaps the most important yet — primarily because of its price.

Anyone wanting a Nexus 4 can pre-order the device through the Google Play Store, where the 8GB version is your for £239, while the 16GB version is slight more expensive at £279.

In case you need reminding, the Nexus 4 has a 4.7-inch HD touchscreen, a quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro processor and the latest Android 4.2 operating system. It’s about as cutting-edge as you can get, and it’s yours for at least £150 less than the Samsung Galaxy S3.

While £240 is still a lot of money to pay out all in one go, don’t be fooled into thinking taking out a contract and paying considerably less for a phone is the way to go: It really isn’t. Whereas £400 for the Galaxy S3 will stop many in their tracks, the Nexus 4 will help a lot more people break free of their commitment to a mobile network.

To discover how much the Nexus 4 could end up saving you, we need to look ahead and compare it with a few alternative methods of purchasing both it and its closest rival.

Method One.

  • Buy one Nexus 4 from Google Play: £240.
  • Buy one GiffGaff SIM card for £12 per month, no contract: £144 (over a single year)
  • For the grand total of £384 you get a top-of-the-range smartphone, 250 minutes per month, unlimited texts and unlimited data too.

If you get bored with the phone, it’s yours to sell at any time, and if you find a better network deal, you’re not tied into a contract and can easily swap.

Method Two.

  • Buy one Nexus 4 from Google Play: £240.
  • Buy one Three All-in-One 15 PAYG SIM for £15 per month, 30-day contract: £180.
  • For the grand total of £420 you get a top-of-the-range smartphone, 300 minutes per month, 3000 texts and unlimited data too.

Like the GiffGaff deal, the phone can be sold to fund a new one, and while you do have a contract of sorts, it’s only for a month.

Method Three.

Alternatively, perhaps you want to try the Samsung Galaxy S3 on Pay As You Go. Through Three with the above All-in-One 15 package, it will cost you £515, plus £165 for another 11 months of service, giving you a total of £680. That’s a massive £260 more than the Nexus 4 deal.

Take the same phone on a contract with an unlimited data plan and the phone costs only £29, but you’ll be paying £36 per month for two years, giving a whopping final total of £893.

While GiffGaff and Three may not be the ideal network for your area, there are other options available at similar prices, so if the coverage is poor through these two, shopping around will provide you with an alternative.

Ultimately, it’s the Nexus 4 and Google’s low price that makes this all possible, so if you’re in the process of looking for a new upper-range smartphone then it simply has to be considered, if only for the amount of money it could save you.

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