Google celebrates the Play store’s birthday with gifts for everyone

Google Play BirthdayToday, March 6, marks the one-year anniversary of the Android Market becoming Google Play and to celebrate, Google has arranged for some of its favourite developers to give its loyal users some free gifts. The Android Market had been in operation for several years already when Google decided a change in branding was in order. The move brought all its growing digital content stores under one roof, making it easier for customers to find and sync content across all Google platforms.

During its time as the Android Market and subsequently, Google Play, it has seen 25 billion downloads and now contains at least 700,000 applications; plus it has moved on from solely selling digital content to sell hardware such as the Nexus 4 smartphone and Nexus 7 tablet too. Now, on its first birthday, Google has put together a goody bag with free apps, offers and discounted products for us all to enjoy.

The complete range of content available in the promotion varies depending on where you live, but all the relevant offers have been gathered together on this helpful page. While the $15 gift card with Google partner Fancy probably won’t be much good outside the U.S., the exclusive characters and levels inside games such as Royal Revolt, Gnome Village and Yumby Smash will have wider appeal. A look around other Play stores sees some cheaper movie rentals and some free music too.

Google will continue to add to the promotion throughout the week, so make sure you check the dedicated birthday page each day for new offers.

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