Fun fitness gadgets to get you moving: Fitbit Zip, Nike Fuelband, Withings Scales

Many people started 2013 with a lot of New Year’s Resolutions to keep to fitness plans and workout as much as possible. We hate to say it – because we really do have faith in you all – but we imagine some of you have succumbed to sitting on the sofa and watching TV instead, or taking the bus instead of walking into work. We don’t blame you, after all we’ve had a lot of snow over the past week, but let’s all agree to get ourselves back on track now and we’ve got a number of fun, bright and quirky fitness gadgets to help you.

Fitbit Zip: A cute way to track your steps


It may look like a cute, little button, but the Fitbit Zip is actually a clever pedometer-style gadget within a funky, coloured shell. You simply attach the Zip to a belt loop, pop it into your pocket or hook it to a bra strap – if you wear a bra! – and it’ll track all kinds of metrics, like your steps, the distance you’ve covered and the calories you’ve burned throughout the day. It’s got a handy screen, which displays a little face – seriously, could this gadget be anymore adorable? – and all of the other data, so you can try and hit your targets throughout the day.

The great thing about the Zip – and all of Fitbit’s other gadgets for that matter – is that you can log onto the Fitbit dashboard via your phone or computer, which your device will have sent all of your metrics to via Bluetooth. Here you can track your progress and keep an eye on how you’re doing and everything is presented in a really simple and easy to understand way too.

You can buy a Fitbit Zip from the Fitbit website for £49.99 and it comes in a range of bright, popping colours.

Withings Wifi Body Scale: An easy way to track your weight and progress

withings-scalesAlthough we don’t think obsessing over your weight is a good way to make positive changes to your fitness routine, it can be a great motivator to see that all your hard work is really paying off.

Withings creates a range of really great health and fitness tech products, but we particularly love the brand’s Wifi Body Scales. They may seem a bit pricey for scales, but they’re able to keep track of your weight, body fat, muscle mass and BMI. You can then access your metrics from any iOS device when you need to.

To make it worth the pennies – a LOT of pennies – you might want to get your family, friends or housemates involved too, because the device can keep track of up to eight users at any one time.

You can get your hands on one of Withing’s Body Scales from Apple for £129.95.

Nike+ Fuelband: A cool gadget for those serious about their fitness

nike-fuel-bandIf you’re new to fitness and tracking your daily activities then you might want to start with the Fitbit Zip, but if you’re serious about making big changes or already workout a lot, then the Nike+ Fuelband is probably for you.

The gadget from Nike tracks your activity throughout the day, including calories burned, steps taken and more. It also doubles up as a watch and allows you to tap into Nike’s big fitness community, so you can share what you’ve been up to and compete with others, which is always a great way to motivate yourself to achieve more.

We’re big fans of the Fuelband here at Envirofone because it attaches to your wrist, which makes it much more secure than similar gadgets if you’re planning on an intense workout routine.

Try out a Nike+ Fuelband from Nike for £129.

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