Facebook to launch new product later today, rumoured to be a search engine

Facebook Jan 15 EventFacebook has announced it would be holding an event at its California headquarters later today, January 15, but hasn’t given even the slightest hint at what it will be revealing. The tagline used on the invitations says simply “Come and see what we’re building.”

The use of the word “building” has seen many tech pundits assume it’ll be a physical product from Facebook, which has inevitably led to discussion of the mythical Facebook Phone, and the chance it’ll become considerably less mythical by the end of today.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has repeatedly denied the company is working on such a device, but leaks regarding an HTC device believed to be the phone in question, codenamed Opera, have continued to appear. Others have also talked about Facebook bringing out a tablet to rival the Amazon Kindle and Google Nexus 7.

While neither the phone or the tablet are all that likely, the rumors have been around long enough for them to be considered. As the event draws near though, another possibility has appeared, which could have far more impact than a phone. According to Pocket-Lint, Facebook will announce a search engine which will be built into the social network.

The feature will expand on the site-wide search already in place at the top of you Facebook homepage, potentially meaning users don’t need to leave the site to use Google’s Internet search. As many people already have Facebook set up as their browser’s home page, this could see a reduction in traffic to Google’s search business.

Facebook’s event starts at 10am local time today, which puts it at 8pm tonight in the UK, and we’ll bring you all the news once the event has ended.

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