Facebook launches Graph Search (not a phone) at special event

Facebook Graph SearchAlthough deep down, we knew a phone wasn’t going to be the focus of Facebook’s special event yesterday, but we still held on to the slight hope one would appear at the last minute. Unfortunately, it never did and instead we were introduced to Graph Search, a new way of finding content and friends on the social network.

Graph Search works like this. Eventually, the standard search bar at the top of your Facebook page will be replaced by a larger one, and with it will come a selection of new features. It aims to make it easier to find new content, connect to people with similar interests, or to collect together specific searched for items on a single page.

For example, say you want to visit a restaurant and would like to choose one your friends have liked. Graph Search will accept a search term like “Restaurants near me that my friends have liked,” then return results based on it. Alternatively, you may want to find someone to play a sport with that you don’t necessarily know, so you search for “People near me who like golf.”

Facebook search has always been hit or miss, so Graph Search can’t come soon enough. Plus, it recognises everyone’s existing privacy settings instantly, so there will be no fiddling around with preferences to ensure your content doesn’t show up in searches if you don’t want it to.

Graph Search is still very new, and therefore won’t be available on everyone’s profile for a while. If you would like to be among the first to try it out, you can join the waiting list by signing up here. Otherwise, you’ll need to be patient, as the team has warned the rollout will be slow.

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