Do you really need a stylus for your iPad?

Some  iPad owners swear by them and others think they’re completely unnecessary and nowhere near as effective as your own fingertips. That’s right, today we’re exploring the world of styluses (or is the plural styli? We’re not so sure).


Whether you love them or hate them, having a stylus around is really handy for certain tasks, like drawing, note taking, playing games and if you’re using the iPad for any kind of business purposes you have to admit that it looks much MUCH more professional to whip out a sleek stylus than swipe your greasy mits around the screen.


So here’s our pick of some of the best styluses out there, whether you want to mess around with Draw Something or show your boss a super important presentation.


For work
stylus-and-penIf you’re using your iPad to show off an important presentation then you want a stylus that looks understated and business-like but can also multi-task, which is why we like the iDuo Stylus and Pen, which is just that. A stylus with an omnidirectional tip, meaning you can swipe it and tap it anyway you want and a ballpoint pen at the other end for quick sketches and notes in a regular notebook.
No one in that big and important meeting would have ever guessed you also use it to play Words With Friends when no one’s looking.
The iDuo Stylus and Pen is available from Mobile Fun for £9.95.






For play

icrayon-stylusIf you’re going to be using your stylus to scribble, doodle and play silly games then choose a bright and colourful one that’s really easy to hold.

We love the iCrayon device from thumbsUp!, it may look like a regular crayon, but it’s been designed to conduct much more effectively than your fingers, leaves your phone or iPad screen free from messy fingerprints and most importantly for winter, allows you to keep wearing gloves as you beat everyone at Draw Something.

The iCrayon is available from Gift Zone for £7.95.




For everything

griffin-stylusIf you want a handy little stylus that ticks all of the boxes, then try one of the colour popping options from Griffin. They look like classy pens and come with a rubber tip that mimics the texture of your finger. They’re slim too and have a clip that’ll keep them attached to your iPad case when you’re out and about.

The Griffin Stylus is available from the Griffin Store for $19.99.

Other options




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