CHRISTMAS GUIDE: 5 Flashy and expensive gift ideas for show offs

It’s nearly that time of year again, when everyone from your little cousin to your gran starts crazily hunting down gifts, making rash decisions and generally freaking out about Christmas.

But instead of giving the same old pair of socks or box of chocolates to your friends and family this year, why not go all out and purchase the most flashy and expensive tech gifts that you could possible afford? After all, you can’t put a price on love…

We’ve collected together five of our favourite expensive, cool and kind of ridiculous gadgets for you to consider for your loved ones this year. Just remember to avoid your credit card bill for the next few months (OK years) if you decide to purchase any of them.

Parrot AR Drone 2.0

1-parrot-droneThe Parrot AR Drone is a crazy, flying helicopter that you can control with both iOS and Android devices. It’s also got built-in HD cameras, allowing you to take still photos or shoot video and watch it in real-time as you fly it around. But that’s not all, you can use your controlling gadget (whether that’s an Android mobile or an iPad) to flip the drone around and play around with all kinds of tricks.

Although the Parrot AR Drone 2.0 is expensive for what is essentially a fancy remote-controlled helicopter, it’ll make you a firm favourite among kids and grown ups alike.

Available from Firebox for £299.99.



Dr Dre Beats Headphones in Swarovski


Dr Dre’s line of Beats headphones are pretty famous now among Olympic stars, celebrities and of course everyone else on the tube in the morning. However, if you find that the standard models are lacking in excitement, then take a look at these fancy “bling-d out” versions, completely covered in swarovski crystals.

Now you’re only allowed to purchase these if you’re buying them for someone who you know looks all things shiny and is a bit of a poser, because these super sparkly headphones certainly aren’t for the faint-hearted!

Available from Crystal Rocked for £558.




Wacom Inkling


Wacom’s latest device is the Inkling, which may look like a regular pen, but in actual fact it’s so much more and may be one of the cleverest gadgets we’ve come across this year…

The Inkling is described as a “digital sketch pen” and allows users to draw with what feels like a normal ballpoint pen on paper, but what you don’t realise is the Inkling is recording everything you’re doing electronically, so you can then import everything as a vector artwork into any graphics software to edit on your computer. Magical, huh?

It’s a perfect gift for designers who want to be able to start work by hand then finish it virtually, but it’s also ideal for those who like sketching in their spare time and want to take their aimless doodles to the next level.

Available from for £134.59.

iPad Mini

4-ipad-miniThe brand new iPad Mini is admittedly the least ridiculous and unnecessary of the bunch, but at the same time it’s only worth buying if you REALLY like someone. Don’t just pick one up for any old cousin or grandparent.

The newest version of Apple’s super popular iPad is small at 7.8 inches high and 5.3 inches wide, putting it somewhere between a big mobile phone and a regular tablet. Although some people may find those dimensions a little too small, it makes the gadget ideal for carrying around and reading too, because unless you’re tiny you’ll be able to hold it with one hand.

As well as it’s small dimensions, the iPad Mini is also a great gift because it’s got access to tonnes of Apple’s best apps, FaceTime and iSight cameras and up to ten hours of battery life. We’re pretty sure you’ll make someone’s year if you buy them an iPad Mini for the 25th…

Available from Apple for £269.

Solo Personal Water Ski Machine


Yep, you’re reading it right. This is a water ski machine. A water ski machine that you don’t need anyone else to help out with.

According to Firebox you don’t have to be a pro, just a little bit adventurous with access to a safe bit of water and a bit of water sports experience in the past.

The device is apparently packing the power of 70 (yep, seven zero) horses, it’s made of lightweight material and has really intuitive controls, making water skiing much more like a game.

Unfortunately it’s more expensive than some houses though, so only buy it for someone if you’re lucky enough to have your own money tree and know someone who really deserves it.

Available from Firebox for £10,000.

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