CHRISTMAS GIFT GUIDE: 5 Stocking filler and Secret Santa gift ideas

You may have prepared big gifts for close friends and family members already, but what about all of the other people you forget about until the last minute and the small gifts and stocking fillers for those you only need to spend a few pounds on? Forgot about those, didn’t you? Yep thats right, you’ll need to turn up with something for your little niece on Christmas Day AND find something for your office Secret Santa too.

Well we’re here to help with some fun (and cheap) present ideas to solve last minute dilemmas.

1. For kids

heated-sock-animalsChances are the children you’re buying gifts for this year will be inundated with Lego castles, Barbie play houses and fake kitchens and post offices, so opt for something fun this year that’ll also keep them snuggly when temperatures drop.

We like these Heated Sock Animals from Firebox, choose from a monster, an owl or a cow that are microwaveable and infused with later, meaning they can be used as toys, warming water bottles or even soothe little ones off the sleep too.

Available from Firebox for £11.99.



2. For friends

skinny-dip-headphonesThere comes a time when you get a bit sick of buying silly Christmas presents that loved ones end up using once then throwing away, so even if you’re a bit strapped for cash this year look for something that’s cute, fun AND practical. Yep, things like that exist, you just have to do your homework.

We love ear muff and headphone combos and have our eyes on this pair made by Skinnydip. They’ve got a cosy-looking cable knit exterior, fluffy insides and hook up to your phone so you can play music and stay warm. They’re a great gift idea for friends, family and even bigger kids who you want to get a more serious and “grown up” present for this year.

Available from Debenhams for £14.40.



3. For family

light-bathWe’re always tempted to get home gadgets and gizmos for family members, but instead of opting for something boring, like a new mug or coaster set (lame!), buy something a little different, like this crazy Underwater Disco Lightshow from Firebox.

The Lightshow is battery operated and 100% waterproof, meaning you float it on the surface of your bath and then watch it project all kinds of crazy colours, patterns and shapes into the water.

Available from Firebox for £7.99.


4. For an office buddy

patch-houndEven if you know your Secret Santa really well, you can still get them a silly present that’ll make them smile. That’s the whole point of the game, right?

We think that Patch the Hysterical Hound is a great option, as it’s a silly plush toy (and super cute), which is activated by sound and laughs.

Don’t buy it for anyone who sits next to you in the office, because if they get attached to it and keep it on their desk you’ll just hear a weird laughing dog 24/7.

Not only is it a big hit for a Secret Santa present, but kids will love the fact just shouting at it will get it to laugh. Ahh kids are simple creatures, aren’t they?

Available from Red5 for £9.95.



5. For the office joker

snowimal-meltOK so maybe you’d like to get the office joker something a little more risqué, but if you want a safe present that’s guaranteed to make people smile, then we recommend the Snowimal.

Yep, it’s essentially just a squishy, snowman stress toy but you can build it yourself, adding in all of the necessary snowman-y features and then watch it melt just so you can then build it again.

Endless fun and plenty of office procrastination to be had with this sweet and cheap Secret Santa present.

Available from Red5 for £5.95.


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