CES 2013: Our favourite quirky gadgets from the tech show

The Consumer Electronics Show (or CES to those in the know) took over Las Vegas last week and many of the biggest companies in tech descended on Sin City to showcase their new products and meet some of the top names in the industry.

Our blogging team has already summarised the biggest mobile stories from CES, but today we’re going to be taking a closer look at some of the weirder, quirker and downright strange gadgets, which were unveiled throughout the week.


hapi-forkThere are so many fitness and weight tracking apps and gadgets on the market at the moment, but in order for them to work you need to have a certain amount of motivation and willpower – no app is EVER going to push that big slice of cake out of your hand, unfortunately! Well the clever team at HAPI Labs actually unveiled a gadget at CES that could well knock the food from your hand if you’re eating too much too fast. It’s called the HAPI Fork and it monitors how much you’re eating and how often, if you’re gobbling your food down too fast it’ll vibrate, which means STOP EATING CHUBSTER! We’re not sure whether it’s guaranteed to stop you eating, but it’s certainly an interesting take on traditional dieting and tracking methods.


Tobii Rex

tobii-rexThe Rex device is the latest in eye-tracking tech from the innovative team at Tobii. The piece of tech, which looks a bit like a regular speaker bar, can be added to a desktop or laptop computer and then it’ll be able to map the movements in your eyes, allowing you to control all kinds of things with your peepers. It can’t do everything quite yet, but it’s certainly a big advance in user experience.



Ion Audio Scratch 2 Go

ion-scratch-audioThis quirky iPad accessory from Ion Audio transforms your tablet into a DJ’s dream. It basically consists of two suction cups, which attach to the front of your iPad along with equaliser controls, a crossbar and scrubbers. You simply line everything up with the dedicated app and your iPad takes on a new music life of its own.



Parrot Flower Power

parrot-flower-powerThis weird looking device from Parrot is specially created for keen gardeners, as it allows you to keep a close eye on how your flora is doing. It looks a bit like a twig so that you can stick it into the soil next to any plant or flower, then it’ll monitor how much sunlight and other important factors it’s getting throughout the day. You can then have all of the data synced back to a dedicated application on your phone, allowing you to keep an eye on what’s going on wherever you are.







Lego Minstorms EV3

lego-ev3The latest kit from Lego allows you to build a crazy 3D robot thing, which you can then control with an iOS or Android application. It comes with all of the necessary bits, building instructions and all of the controls to get it all working like clockwork. It’s all fully customisable, so you don’t have to build what everyone else has been building, with a wide variety of different options and weird robot creature thingies.

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