5 Quirky gadgets for your pets: Pedometer, ball thrower, translator?

As a nation we’re all so obsessed with owning the latest mobile device and getting our hands on the shiniest and flashiest of gadgets, but in actual fact there’s a growing market for pet accessories and… wait for it… pet gadgets too. Whether you want to track how many steps your podgy pooch has taken in a day, get something to throw their toys for them so you don’t have to or find a way of recording what they see on their adventures, we’ve got a quirky gadget for you…

Pet Pedometer

pet-pedometerWe’re often told that to be super fit, toned and awesome human beings we need to walk a certain amount of steps per day, so we’re advised to get off the tube a stop earlier, walk those stairs instead of wait the lift or take a stroll at lunch time. Usually a simple pedometer would be a great way of tracking our steps, but now most smartphones come with fitness tracking apps that do it for us and even send our stats to the internet.

But what if you want to track how many steps your dog is taking?

That’s right, there are so many overweight pets out there now that owners are being advised to take them walks regularly AND keep a track of just how many little doggy steps they’re taking throughout the day. However, you can’t lend little Rover your smartphone as he runs round the park like a pet possessed, so you’ll need another gadget. Enter, the pet pedometer.

There are lots of different types, brands and sizes of pet pedometers online, which just shows how in demand they are and how many podgy pooches we’ve been treating a little too often. It works in the same way a regular person pedometer does, just set it going at the start of walkies, attach it to your dog’s collar and make a note of the steps at the end.

Available from Amazon.

GoDogGo Fetch Machine

go-dog-goNow we’ve dealt with what to do with lazy pets (attach a pedometer to their collars and walk them lots, obviously) but what about lazy owners?

Everyone knows that “fetch” is the ultimate in doggy playtime and if you’re a lazy owner who gets sick of picking up the ball, throwing the ball, picking up the ball, throwing the… you get the idea, then this next gadget might be for you.

The GoDogDo Fetch Machine cuts our the middleman (i.e. you) and throws your dog’s ball for you. There are a number of different settings, you can use a variety of balls and you can even control everything via remote as you sit and watch your dog run around.

Although we’re joking that this is the ultimate in laziness, let’s not forget just how useful the GoDogGo could be for elderly pet owners who can’t run around with their pets as much anymore or those who are less able bodied.

Available from GoDogGo Inc.

Pet Camera

pet-cameraIf you’ve ever been intrigued about what your pet gets up to during the day while you’re at work or you fancy seeing what’s in the forest down there where he’s been sniffing around, then attach a pet camera to your pet’s collar. There are so many different options at the market at the moment, but the Pet’s Eye View Camera is our favourite, because it doesn’t look too bulky round their neck’s and can store up to 40 photos.

You can set the camera to take photos at certain intervals, transfer them to your computer using USB and then share them online, if they’re interesting enough that is.

Available from Lazy Bone UK.

Pet Fountain

pet-fountainAlthough some pets have their own quirky ways of alerting us that they want something, maybe a long meoooow or a nudge to our legs, making sure your little doggy wog or kitty cat has enough water is really REALLY important, which is why we love the idea behind the Contech Pet Fountain.

The gadget attaches to your hose pipe and ensures that they’re only drinking the freshest and cleanest water whenever they need it. As soon as your dog gets close to the fountain it begins dispensing a stream of water and when he or she leaves it’ll turn off automatically so nothing is wasted.

Not only does the pet fountain mean you don’t have to worry about constantly filling up your dog’s water bowl during the hot summer months, but it’s also much healthier as there’s no chance of anything spilling into your pet’s bowl or flies hovering around it.

Available from Amazon.

Meowlingual Cat Translator

meowlingual-cat-translatorWell, if you thought the gadgets above were a little bit weird, prepared to be confused/shocked/amused by the next one. This is the Meowlingual gadget, designed by Takara Co in Japan, this little device is meant to be held up next to your cat (there’s a dog’s version too) so that you can “translate” what they’re trying to say to you.

Now we’re not saying this works (we’re pretty sure it would have been the invention of the century if it did), but it’s a silly gadget to play around with or buy your crazy cat lady friend as a quirky gift!



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