5 Best new iPhone 5 cases whatever your style

The iPhone 5 has finally been released into the wild and we’re all fawning over its big screen, shiny new exterior and super fast speeds. But all that doesn’t mean anything if you accidentally throw it onto the floor or splash some water on it, so as beautiful as it may be, it really makes sense to wrap it up in a case and we’re here to help you find the perfect one for you and your expensive new handset.

If you want a tough and durable case

otterbox-caseAlthough specially designed tough and durable cases can often make your mobile feel a bit bulkier, they’re worth it if you’re prone to dropping your super expensive handset or you’re just really paranoid about ruining it.

Most case manufacturers have a dedicated “tough” range, which promises to keep your phone wrapped up safe under lots of layers and some of the cases even cover up your screen too.

However, the ultimate tough case specialist is often considered to be Otterbox, which has a few different ranges of super durable accessories for your mobile.

We like the Reflex series of cases, which are highly protective but don’t add too much bulk to your super slim iPhone, they’re available from Otterbox for $34.95 and come in a range of colours, from purple to khaki to plain black.


If you don’t want a case but know you need one











The iPhone 5 is really sleek and the back panel looks the best it ever has done on previous models, so it makes sense that many of those sporting new phones are reluctant to cover it up with a case.

However, if you don’t fancy the idea of wrapping it up in something over-the-top and gaudy, we’ve got an option for you that’ll make it seem like your phone’s not actually got anything on it.

Griffin’s Reveal range of cases are completely transparent apart from a rubber bumper over the edges. Go for the light grey option to make your phone look as naked as possible.

The Reveal range is available from Griffin for $19.99 and comes in a range of different colours.

If you want a bright case to cheer you up over winter

case-mate-pool-blueWinter may be full of lovely things, like Chai lattes and Christmas time, but it’s also pretty dreary and cold. So, to stop you getting down in the dumps over the chilly season we recommend you invest in a super bright and crazy case that’ll keep your spirits up through the rain and clouds.

Case Mate produces a brilliant range of cases that really can’t be rivalled when it comes to the most bright, colour popping shades. We love this one for the iPhone 5 in Pool Blue, which will transport you to a much sunnier, exotic location every time you look at it.

Available from Case Mate for £25.




If you want a unique patterned case

gelaskins-london-skylineIf you like to stand out from the crowd, then you need to head over to Gelaskins NOW.

The very cool mobile accessory website makes regular hard cases like the ones above, but it specialises in creating special skins made of gel, which may not be as durable as super tough cases, but still protect your phone from knocks and scrapes.

The fact these skins are made from a special gel-like material means some crazy, awesome and beautiful designs can be printed onto them. You really could spend all day browsing the website, so don’t tell your boss it’s our fault you’ve not achieved anything today.

One of our favourites is this super bright painting of the London Skyline, available from Gelaskins for $14.95.

If you want a professional-looking case

knomo-leather-folioIf you don’t want something tough or bright or unique and would rather buy a case that doesn’t make you look silly in meetings, then head on over to Knomo. The bag, accessories and case specialists have brought out a number of different designs for the iPhone 5 that look professional and stylish at the same time.

We’ve got our heart set on this simple leather folio that you push your phone into and then wrap the leather around to keep it safe.

Available from Knomo for £45.

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