5 Apps to make your Instagram photos better on the iPhone

diptic-applicationIt’s no lie that we all love sharing snaps of our food, pets and travel destinations regularly on Instagram. However, if you want to get a little bit more into mobile photography, make your photos look better and experiment with different effects, then there are some great iPhone apps that allow you to really make those Instagram photos pop!

You don’t have to try all of them at once, but mix things up a bit and introduce one or two into your regular Instagram routine.

1. Diptic for frames and combining photos

The Diptic application allows you to combine multiple photos into one with the use of different frames.

You simply select one of the many different layouts (see the screenshot above), then you can cherry pick photos to go in each section. There are plenty of options to customise your finished creation before you go on to share it, you can zoom in on your photos, apply different effects and filters, change the colour and style of the borders and much, much more.

We don’t recommend you use Diptic every time you want to share your photos, but if you’re creating a mood board image, have a few photos that look similar but aren’t worth sharing on their own or want to create an outfit compilation, then it’s a great little addition for your app collection and totally worth 69p.

Available from iTunes for 69p.

2. Camera+ for more precise photos and everything else

Camera+ is a really comprehensive application, which allows you to take better photos from the word go with touch exposure and focus options that you can easily control with your fingertips.

Once you’ve captured that perfect photo you can then apply a range of different effects, add borders and make a number of more detailed tweaks to how your images look.

Many keen mobile photographers tend to use Camera+ as their first port of call for taking and editing their images and then send them elsewhere to add more filters and share. We’d suggest you adopt that approach before you send anything to Instagram in future, well if you have time.

Available from iTunes for 69p.

3. Lenslight for cool lighting effects

Lenslight is an application that allows you to add a number of cool lighting effects to your photos. You can choose from spotlights, light leaks, subtle glints, colourful flares and a number of bokeh effects. You then have complete control over them and can tweak the position, size, rotation, brightness and colour of each with your fingertips and move them around the image.

Available from iTunes for 69p.

4. Snapseed for comprehensive effects, filters and editing

Snapseed is a little like Camera+ in that it’s a super comprehensive photo editing app that allows you to do all kinds of things, like add borders, fine tune your images and play around with different effects.

The great thing about Snapseed is the team have clearly put a lot of thought into user experience, it’s so easy to use and scroll through different options, undo any mistakes and share your creations with others or send onto another application.

Available from iTunes for £2.99.

5. 100 Cameras in 1 for lots and lots of filters

One of the reasons many of us love Instagram is that it’s so so simple to use, just upload a photo, smack a filter on it and away you go. However, if you’re becoming a little bit bored of Instagram’s preset filters you can get applications that give you much more choice. 100 Camera in 1 allows you to share directly to Instagram and gives you 100 filters to choose from. Click one of them and you’re then served up with another 100 that are all slightly different. You’ll never get bored with the amount of vintage filters at your disposal again!

Available from iTunes for 69p.

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