5 Alternative photo editing apps to Instagram for the iPhone

camera-plus-appInstagram has become really popular among social media geeks and amateur mobile photographers alike, so now every time you log onto Twitter or Facebook you’re greeted by hundreds of photos of your friend’s breakfast and your cousin’s cat.

Instagram is great because you can share your photos with your social networks and the Instagram community and as there’s only a limited number of filters you won’t spend all day deciding what you want the final image to look like. However, if you’re a bit bored of sharing your photos here, there and everywhere and want a little more choice when it comes to photo editing, then look no further, as we’ve pulled together a list of our top five Instagram alternatives. This doesn’t mean you have to ditch Instagram entirely, but you might want to edit your photos a little more before you share them there, or just publish your images less frequently and keep everything else stored on your camera roll. Happy snapping!

1. Camera+

Behind Instagram Camera+ is one of the most popular photo editing apps for the iPhone because it’s just packed full of so many great features. You can take better photos with the built-in camera, make all kinds of edits and then add more filters than you’d probably ever need. You can also go on to share your images too, but Camera+ is more suited for those who want to experiment with editing rather than show off the final results.

Available from iTunes for 69p.

2. Camera Awesome

Although 69p may not be too pricey in the wonderful world of apps, if you resent forking out money for anything on a phone you paid such a ridiculous amount for, then Camera Awesome is a great, free alternative to Camera+.

Camera Awesome has a number of great features for when you’re taking photos, allowing you to set exposure, focus and play around with different composition grids. There are then a huge range of editing features and of course filters that give Instagram a run for its money.

Available from iTunes for free.

3. Magic Hour

A quirky application that’s all about the filters, add in a photo or take a new one, then browse through hundreds of different filters in real-time or even make your own by making a tonne of different adjustments. This is definitely the ideal app for those who are tired of Instagram’s preset filters and want to branch out a little more.

Available from iTunes for free.

4. CameraBag

A rather basic photo editing app for those who like the simplicity of Instagram but just want a few different filters to experiment with. Simply take a photo or upload one from your camera roll and then scroll few the cool filters that give your images a vintage look, we like Instant and Colourcross the best.

Available from iTunes for free.

5. Camera•

Camera• (formerly known as Facebook Camera) is Facebook’s photo app offering, complete with simple editing tools, a great set of filters and of course ways to share with your Facebook friends and browse all of their snaps too.

If you never really got into Instagram, and don’t tend to get too angered by your Facebook friends, then Camera• is for you because it gets rid of any need to edit your photo elsewhere, it’s just a quick and simple way of making your images look lovely and then sharing them with the people that matter.

Available from iTunes for free.

Honourable mentions: 100 Cameras in 1, FILM LAB, Iris Photo Suite and Hipstamatic.

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  • vsm

    CameraBag is not free, as at 10/08/12 it costs $1.99 for what looks like few filters

  • vsm

    CameraBag is not free, as at 10/08/12 it costs $1.99 for what looks like few filters