10 of the Best Retro Pub Games You Can Play on Your Mobile

Most people enjoy going to the pub, and most of those people enjoy a pub game once in a while. From darts through to bar billiards there’s more to keep you entertained in a pub than ever these days. But as much as many of us would like, we can’t stay in the pub all day. Luckily thanks to your trusty mobile phone and a few good apps you can still enjoy the same games any time you like (and without a hangover).

But which ones really scratch that pub game itch? Today we’re taking a look at 10 of the very best so let’s get started…

Pub skittles10. Pub Skittles – iPhone / Android – £1.49

You don’t get many pub games more traditional than skittles, the game has been around in one form or another since as far back as 3300BC. Now it’s confined to more traditional pubs, or real ale festivals – but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t made the jump into the 21st century with this mobile incarnation.  Pub skittles stays true to the traditional nature of the game, even being set in a virtual pub!

Air hockey9. Air Hockey – iPhone – £0.69

Air Hockey was one of the first games to be a real hit on the iPhone when it was first released, taking great advantage of the touch screen to move the puck around, even allowing two players to play at once by utilizing the multi-touch screen. Although it doesn’t have the same satisfying smack as hitting a real puck on a table in your local pub, Air Hockey for your smartphone comes pretty close!

Pub quiz8. Pub Quiz – iPhone – £0.69

There’s something about having a quiz in a pub that makes it a bit more fun – which could well be the added beer. The only problem? Pubs often use their quizzes to draw in customers on a Sunday night meaning a sore head come Monday morning – the solution? A pub quiz app! This way you can schedule your own pub quiz any night of the week.


Shit the box7. Shut the Box Classic – iPhone – £0.69

As with all good games this game is simple yet addictive! All you have to do is knock down every number from 1 – 12 using a combination of two dice. Sounds easy right? Well many hours have been spent in the pub by drinkers trying to beat the game (and often win a prize). Now you can hone your skills out of the pub.


Karaoke6. Red Karaoke – Android – Free (Songs cost extra)

One of the more recent (and certainly in some cases unwelcome) additions to the pub entertainment genre, love it or hate it – everyone knows about karaoke! Well if you think your singing skills might need a little work out before you blast out ‘Rocket Man’ for the whole pub to hear, then Red Karaoke for Android could be just the app you’re looking for.


5. Pinball HD – iPad – £1.49

Despite the advancing pace of video game technology there’s still a space in a lot of people’s hearts for a good game of pinball, and with the new breed of hi-tech pinball machines around these days so there should be! But if you haven’t quite got the money to buy yourself one of these impressive machines then an app like Pinball HD for the iPad can give you the game experience for a lot less.

Foosball4. Foosball HD – iPad – £1.99

Table football, or foosball as it is informally known is a hugely popular pub game the world over – there’s even a foosball world cup! It’s great to play against your friends in the pub, and there’s pretty much always a beer holder to take care of your drink while you play. But if there is no-one around table football isn’t so much fun – unless you have the Foosball HD app where you can play against your iPad!

Darts3. Darts 3D – Android – Free

Darts is a hugely popular pub game. It’s not the first game you’d imagine would transition well into a mobile phone app, as most of the skill is in the throwing, but there are several apps out there with their own way or re-creating the skill element in the throwing. Darts 3D does a reasonable job, and also allows online multi-player bringing the pub home with you.


Pool table2. Midnight Pool – iPhone – £0.69

Pool is certainly another extremely popular pub game, most pubs have a pool table in them these days, and it’s certainly a great game to play with friends over a few beers. They say that a game of pool is all in the aim, so if you’re looking to hustle your friends next time you’re out for a pint then you might want to try sharpening up a bit with a game of pool on your mobile. Midnight Pool is one of the highest rated out there and is actually pretty true to life.

Atari games1. Atari’s Greatest Arcade Hits – iPhone – Pay by game

Although you’d probably see more pool tables than arcade machines in pubs these days, the sheer awesomeness of Atari’s Greatest Hits has made it our no. 1. Atari were masters of the arcade machine for many years, and they have ported a decent chunk of their back catalogue straight into your iPhone. With arcade classics such as Centipede, Asteroids, Super Breakout, Lunar Lander and many more this app let’s you play all of your favorite arcade games in the palm of your hand, no spare change required.

Stuart Kerr writes for Liberty Games, and if you are looking for a pool table to play on for real, they can help.