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Redeem Holdings expands European footprint with acquisition of Envirofone

January 29, 2014 ezf_blog_admin post thumbnail

REDEEM Holdings Limited, a global leader in the recommerce, recycling, refurbishment and wholesale of electronic products, today announces the acquisition of Eazyfone Limited, trading as Envirofone. The move cements Redeem’s position as the UK’s largest mobile recycling company, based on [...]

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New rumour says Google Nexus 5 smartphone is coming this month

October 2, 2013 Andrew Boxall post thumbnail

Google’s successor to the Nexus 4, tentatively known as the Nexus 5, is one of the year’s most anticipated smartphone announcements. The Nexus 4 was a roaring success, thanks to a great spec sheet and super cheap price tag, and [...]

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The Tesco Hudl tablet is now on sale for just £120, along with a range of accessories

October 1, 2013 Andrew Boxall post thumbnail

Announced last week, the Tesco Hudl is the first Android tablet to be released by the supermarket, and its first piece of major mobile consumer electronics too. It’s a direct challenger to hardware like the Amazon Kindle Fire HD, and [...]

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Nexus 4 drops in price to £160, as new Nexus 7 tablet hits Google Play

August 29, 2013 Andrew Boxall post thumbnail

It’s good news all round this week if you’re a fan of Google’s Nexus products, or just high quality, low price tech in general. First, the new Nexus 7 tablet is available right now from Google Play in the UK, [...]

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Samsung Galaxy S4 spotted online, but is it the real thing?

March 11, 2013 Andrew Boxall post thumbnail

Later this week, Samsung will reveal the Galaxy S4 smartphone, but in the meantime a series of pictures have been posted on a Samsung fan forum, giving us a look at the new phone’s design. Or do they? The phone [...]

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EE prepares to launch 4G in another 17 UK cities

December 14, 2012 Andrew Boxall post thumbnail

The UK’s first 4G LTE network went online at the end of October in just 11 cities, but EE hasn’t been having a well deserved rest, and has instead been preparing the next batch to receive a next generation high [...]

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Is Microsoft secretly planning its own Windows Phone 8 handset?

November 2, 2012 Andrew Boxall post thumbnail

Microsoft has recently made its Windows Phone 8 mobile operating system official, and with it came a variety of new phones from Nokia, HTC and Samsung. With some second phase devices to come in the New Year, potentially from Acer [...]

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EE reveals 4G LTE contract prices

October 23, 2012 Andrew Boxall post thumbnail

As the launch of EE’s 4G LTE network in the UK draws closer, we’ve been given our first look at how much it’ll cost for early adopters to enjoy the faster data speeds the network will offer. This is the [...]

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Nokia 920 could be an Everything Everywhere exclusive…with 4G

September 10, 2012 Andrew Boxall post thumbnail

Everything Everywhere, which is the umbrella name for the company that owns Orange and T-Mobile, has been granted permission to launch a 4G LTE network in the UK before the spectrum auction takes place next year. Although this has upset [...]

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iOS 6, Jelly Bean and Windows Phone 8 are all coming soon, but what about the hardware?

July 12, 2012 Andrew Boxall post thumbnail

Apple has announced iOS 6, Google has given us all the details about Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, and Microsoft has provided a taster of what’s to come in Windows Phone 8. They’re all exciting, and they’re the operating systems that [...]

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