What’s the cost of early upgrades?

August 30, 2013 Simon Hill Karaoke

The world of consumer technology moves fast. A steady stream of new models is unleashed on the market as manufacturers do their best to convince us of the need to upgrade. Nowhere is this truer than in the smartphone market. …

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Steve Ballmer to retire from Microsoft within a year

August 23, 2013 Andrew Boxall post thumbnail

Steve BallmerMicrosoft CEO Steve Ballmer has announced he will retire from the position within the next 12 months, in the meantime he will stay on in the position until the Board of Directors chooses a replacement. The news comes as a …

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Are heavily discounted tablets like the Surface or Playbook worth buying?

 Simon Hill Microsoft_Surface_RT

Tablets are the latest trend to sweep the world of tech by storm. Smartphones may be reaching saturation in some places, but tablet sales are going strong. According to IDC Research 49.2 million tablets shipped in the first three months …

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Will Apple push Google out of iOS?

August 16, 2013 Simon Hill Apple-vs-Google

Apple-vs-GoogleIt’s no secret that Google and Apple are not the best of friends. It wasn’t always so. They got along fine for years; reportedly in 2001, Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin even wanted Steve Jobs to be Google …

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HTC One Mini vs Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini

August 9, 2013 Simon Hill HTC_One_Mini_vs_Galaxy_S4_Mini

HTC_One_Mini_vs_Galaxy_S4_MiniThe battle for supremacy at the top of the smartphone market has driven specs through the roof. We’re talking about fast quad-core processors as standard, and at least 2GB of RAM. Various components are being improved dramatically; look no further …

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5 hottest smartphones coming soon

August 2, 2013 Simon Hill MotoX_White

The smartphone market moves fast and today’s super phones are soon forgotten when the next big thing comes along. Let’s cast an eye over five of the hottest smartphones that are coming soon to a shop near you. We’ll discuss …

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What does the smartphone of the future look like?

July 26, 2013 Simon Hill Mobile_Script

Take a look at the early brick-like “car phones” that kicked off the mobile craze and compare them to our svelte, touchscreen smartphones. They’ve come a long way in a relatively short time. The power and functionality packed into current …

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Why won’t Nokia make an Android phone?

July 19, 2013 Simon Hill Nokia


It’s more than a year now since Nokia lost its title as the world’s top-selling mobile phone maker. Truth be told, it only hung on to that title for so long because of the dying feature phone market, which was …

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Smartphone saturation kicks in…what does it mean?

July 12, 2013 Simon Hill smartphones

smartphonesAt the start of the month there was a flurry of articles about smartphone saturation. This is because sales of premium smartphones are beginning to slow down, theoretically because everyone who wants to spend big on a smartphone has already …

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Looking for a bargain tablet? Barnes & Noble cut Nook HD and Nook HD+ prices

July 4, 2013 Andrew Boxall post thumbnail

Nook HD TabletsBarnes & Noble launched its Nook tablet range in the UK late last year, ready for the Christmas rush, and hoped to challenge the all-powerful Amazon Kindle Fire in the budget Android tablet market. Judging by this second price …

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