Mobile innovations that were ahead of their time

November 29, 2013 Simon Hill Innovations_ahead_of_time

Innovations_ahead_of_timeBeing first with an innovation is never enough by itself. You must have the means to realize the concept properly and timing is important if you want a receptive audience. Leonardo da Vinci conceptualized the helicopter, calculator, tank, parachute and …

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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Coming to iOS, Android, Kindle and Windows Phone

November 27, 2013 Andrew Boxall post thumbnail

GTA San AndreasAlmost a year ago this week, Rockstar Games announced it would be releasing Grand Theft Auto: Vice City for iOS and Android. It was a welcome early Christmas treat, and the game turned out to be great. Now, Rockstar

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LG and Samsung go round the bend

November 22, 2013 Simon Hill Samsung_Round_LG_G_Flex

Are Samsung and LG ahead of the curve on this one, or have they gone round the bend? The age of the curved display is upon us, but what does it really mean? Is this pointless gimmickry, or is there …

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Which iPad is right for you?

November 15, 2013 Simon Hill which_iPad

Apple iPad AirApple’s iPad range is proving irresistible for many. The company has sold more than 170 million of them. The new models will be on plenty of Christmas wish lists, but how do you work out which iPad is right for …

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Do people expect too much from their smartphones?

November 1, 2013 Simon Hill frustration

frustrationEvery time a new smartphone launches nowadays you get days, weeks, sometimes even months of hype and rumours preceding it. The idea that it might do this or that generally creates some excitement, but when the device lands, invariably it’s …

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Best Mobile Assistant? Google Now vs Siri vs Cortana

October 25, 2013 Simon Hill Google_Now

Google_NowThe major players in the mobile platform wars are always looking for ways to improve their operating systems and differentiate them from the competition. There’s a general trend emerging that is focused on allowing us to interact with our smartphones …

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Why would any manufacturer choose Windows Phone?

October 18, 2013 Simon Hill Windows_Phones

Windows_PhonesThe rise of Windows Phone as an alternative platform to Android and iOS has long been predicted. Microsoft may have struggled to carve out a niche in the smartphone market, but there are signs that its mobile platform is finally …

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Samsung Galaxy Gear smart watch review

September 27, 2013 Simon Hill Samsung_Galaxy_Gear

Samsung_Galaxy_GearThe Galaxy Gear is available right now, but it will cost you a staggering £299. Does Samsung’s first smart watch release really do enough to justify that price tag? We take a look at the design, the features, the specs, …

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Goodbye Nokia and BlackBerry, as we head for smartphone oligopoly

September 20, 2013 Simon Hill smartphone_oligopoly

smartphone_oligopolyThe smartphone market is being dominated by a shrinking group of powerful companies. You have to wonder if there’s room for any real diversity anymore. The barriers to entry for new companies are almost impossibly high. Apple and Samsung have …

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Apple’s new iPhones

September 13, 2013 Simon Hill iPhone_5C

Another year, another iPhone. Actually this year we got two new iPhones. The iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C will both be available from the 20th of September. The new premium flagship is the iPhone 5S, whereas the …

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